Urban Chaos (PC) Unused Levels and Game Modes

The PC version of Urban Chaos preceded its PSX counterpart by about a year. While the game boasts much higher resolution and better graphics, it seems somewhat incomplete. One look at the Levels folder confirms this, with a number of missions, levels and entire modes left in unfinished states. Credit seems to go to T-ranks at the Neoseeker forums for pointing out that these levels can be loaded by renaming the UCM file for an unused level and loading the renamed level in the main game. For example, renaming FreeCD1.ucm to mission2.ucm and loading the Southside Offensive level will give you the demo level (unlike the PSX version, this is actually included in the game). This does not always load all of the textures and you may have to experiment a bit to get the best level rendering.

The other method mentioned by T-ranks (albeit in a slightly confused way) mentions use of the cheats:

- Load a level in the game and press F9, then type BANGUNSNOTGAMES. This activates the debug mode, with a range of different options now available. There are other passwords for the F9 key as well - see the link below.

- Quit the game and go back to the level select screen. Press CRTL and R to bring up the option of loading an individual UCM file. If you select yes, you can pick the individual file you want. If you pick no, you can pick the individual level, lighting, etc. Neither of these options really render the levels as fully as the renaming method described above.

Multiplayer Modes

There seem to be two remnants of the MP modes in the game.

The first is a Capture The Flag level (Capflag1.ucm), with two players. There's no character selection and the players are stuck with D'arci and Roper.

The level is quite big and seems to feature a range of environments, from snow-filled woods to warehouses. Once again, it lacks textures in many places.

There are a number of weapons to pick up around the level. The debug cheats still work here, but there does not seem to be a way of controlling the second character.

The second level is a co-op mode, again with a split-screen. However, both players seem to be playing as D'arci. There is a very barren landscape, with only one opponent nearby. Very much an incomplete level.

The level is called Wibble (wibble.ucm) and has a rather hilarious mission briefing hidden away in the coding, which is not really repeatable here!

Unused Levels

There are some unused levels, one or two of which seem to be more for humour than anything.

The first one is called cred1.ucm (short for Credits?), and loads a city environment. The mission blurb mentions Mucky Foot, who were the developers of the game.

At one end of the car park is a group of people, who ask you if you are on Work Experience! Talk about cutbacks in the police ...

Inside the building is a set of stairs. You have to jump on to the second or third step, otherwise you'll just go right through. Again, an incomplete level.

At the top of the stairs, you are greeted by Penny MacArthur, responsible for Office Management, Admin and Personnel according to the game credits.

There are two offices further on, filled with various members of the game staff, plus some unknowns. You can even sit down if you want to take a rest.

Outside, there is the makings of a city level, but buildings seem incomplete and signs hover in mid-air. There is no real boundary to the level, just a black abyss. There are the usual civilians and gang members wandering around, though. The debug cheat works here too, which you'll need to escape the car park.

The next level is called southsidestreets.ucm. Seemingly, this is just a walkabout level where you can wander through the streets of Southside. Each street is named, but there are no enemies or civilians.

In fact, the place is totally deserted. Use the debug cheat to create a vehicle if you want to drive around. Overhead is a train line, but you can't actually walk on this. In all, the most fully-rendered level, albeit completely devoid of life.

One of the more bizarre levels is called pickups.ucm, and has some strangely-positioned vehicles, like the police car shown above.

Most of the level seems to be rendered (but this may vary, depending on which level you choose to replace it with), but there are two unrendered statues that stretch and shrink all the time. No idea what the thinking was behind these, but related to this perhaps?!!.

Finally, there is another of the sparse levels (bang.ucm), except D'arci seems to be fighting one of her comrades in the police. Another level seems to complete itself in seconds (army.ucm) and yet another features something akin to the "boo" cheat, where explosions kill everyone on the level, including the player (even with infinite life and the teleport cheat).

There is a number of other levels which either do not load, or are extensions of the main missions. It seems that these levels and modes were incomplete due to time constraints, according to AirmanRWP over at Neoseeker. Most were then cut out completely for the PSX version a year later.


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