Urbam Chaos (PSX) Unused Levels & Modding Tutorial

Urban Chaos was released on the PSX and PC way back in 1999 by Mucky Foot Productions. With a certain amount of free-roaming, use of weapons and hand-to-hand combat, it was compared to other Eidos games such as Tomb Raider and Soul Reaver, albeit nowhere as heavily promoted. Which is a shame, as it is, graphical and control issues aside, an enjoyable game.

So why is this game of interest to us? Well, there are two levels which are unused, one in the actual game and one in the UK OPM demo. Both of these are exclusive levels, with specific aims and objectives.

The El Casso Isle level is still in the final game, albeit inaccessible without either using gameshark codes or hacking the content. For the former, see the link below. Otherwise, the actual content is in a folder called LEVEL31. By swapping this with the LEVEL01 folder, then choosing the Physical Training mission in the game, you can load this up.

It is an extensive level, with a variety of enemies and the odd cutscene. Why it was cut is unknown, but the mission briefing blurb says it was deleted due to "security reasons". It may have been accessible through some kind of code, but this is unknown.

The textures seem a little scrambled in places, but it is hard to tell really due to the overall graphical limitations of the PS1. The mission setting is something of a contrast to the cityscapes of many of the other levels. The plot revolves around a hostage situation (not an uncommon theme in the game, unfortunately):

"That nut Bane an' his men have retreated to El Cosso Island. We got sightings of a construction site, possibly building MORE silo's. We want those sites LEVELLED, Stern! Make your way into the compound, an' take down Banes' workmen before they finish the job. They're all fanatical Bane followers, so expect severe resistance! Island residents have already been killed. Ensure that NO more come to harm!"

So, on to the demo. This was an exclusive level released as a PC demo, and on the UK OPM demo disc. The demo had a time limitation of four minutes, but Gameshark codes can overcome this easily.

This limitation does not really do the demo justice and it's is really worth having a good wander around the level to see what there is. The level is set in the main city, and the mission is to rescue hostages ... again:

"The local Wildcat chapter have stormed the Construction site and taken some workers hostage. You have FOUR minutes to take out ALL the Wildcats. We want those hostages ALIVE, Stern! The Wildcats have spread out all over this section of town. Use any means you see fit in order to get that Wildcats scum in the bag! Be careful, Officer! You MUST ensure the safety of any construction workers at the site...Good Luck!"

While this demo seems only to be available on PAL demo discs (mine came on OPM (UK) 58), it does not prevent you from transplanting it into the main game. Bored with one of the training missions? Replace one of those missions with the one from the demo. It loads if it is used in place of another one. In fact, the folder is called LEVEL35, suggesting it follows on from the last mission folder in the main game. Interestingly, the game still boots up with the demo folder added on to the end of the rest of the final game mission folders. The question here then is how to access that last mission, so that all known levels are in the same place. If some sort of Level Select code can be devised, then it will be possible to construct a complete version of the PSX game.


Okay, I have not only managed to reintegrate the level back into the game, but also make it accessible using a modified version of Hybrid's cheat for the El Casso Isle level.

What Is Needed ...

Urban Chaos final game (I have the US version (SLUS 01019), but the PAL version should work just as well)
The Urban Chaos demo (I have an Official Playstation Magazine (UK) Disc 58 (SCED 02632))
Hybrid's Gameshark code.
A modification of Hybrid's code.

Building The Image

You can get copies of the final game in some retro game stores, or through Ebay or Amazon. Copies of the OPM disc can be obtained through Ebay. Once you have these, you need to extract one file and one folder from the demo disc using something like UltraISO. These are the LEVEL35 folder and the URBAND.PST file respectively. Open up the final game in the imaging software and insert the LEVEL35 folder into the LEVELS3 folder (which also contains others such as the LEVEL34 folder). Rename URBAND.PST to URBANA.PST and replace the one in the final game with this. Save the image under whatever name you want.

Gameshark Codes

Now, you need to use the following codes to access the two levels:

Access El Cossa Isle Level

D0110F30 0013
30110F40 001E
D01F3AF0 0000
301F3AF0 0001
D0110F48 0000
30110F48 0001

Access Demo Level

D0110F30 0013
30110F40 0022
D01F3AF0 0000
301F3AF0 0001
D0110F48 0000
30110F48 0001


You can only activate ONE code at a time. Before you do so, you need to load up any level of the final game, then quit so that you are back to the menu. Activate the code using the cheat device of your choice (and these will work with the PSP's CWCheat as well), then choose the CONTINUE GAME option.

You need to select the point at the extreme right of the map, which is in the middle of the river. Press DOWN to highlight the level's name and press X, which will then load the level blurb.

The demo loading screen has the same details as the demo disc, along with some mission details. You have four minutes to complete the level, which is not really enough time, so a code to stop the timer is useful if you want to explore this level. Have fun!


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