Prime (SNES) Beta

Prime was a cancelled game for the SNES, based on a comic of the same name, published by Malibu Comics (who also did the Mortal Kombat series around the same time). Snes Central notes that only five levels are playable, beyond which the player cannot proceed. Of course, that might have been all there is to it and my time hacking into the game is wasted ... well, there wouldn't be a page here if that were the case.

First of all, the game is as bad as some say. Very repetitive, with some enemies taking forever to kill. There might be a One-Hit-Kill code, if I can be bothered to make it, but the Invincibility code is 7E00BF64. With that, you bash away and get through the first couple of levels. Which leaves the barrier at Level 5. As usual, a Level Select code is the answer (7E018B0X), where X is the stage. There is nothing beyond the hex value of F (15 Decimal), but here're are the rest of the stages (with official level names in bold):

The Alley - first level, with gritty streets and lots of thigns to throw at the thugs.

The Sewer - obligatory sewer stage - why?

The Waterfront - where you can throw your opponents over the side.

Ultratech Reception - evil corporation.

Ultratech Corridor - First flying stage, which lasts for a very short time and does not seem to be in the Sega CD version in this form.

Ultratech Laboratory - more of the evil corporation's secret hideout.

Freeway Fracas - second flying stage.

Inside The Truck - a short level with lots of identical enemies.

Family Reunion - back to Terra Firma.

Alladin Underground Complex - more thugs to pummel.

Stop The Express - third flying stage, this time over a railway line and train.

Railway Ruckus - even more thugs to beat up ...

Deep In The Amazon - jungle level.

The Volcanic Base - volcano level, with exploding lava holes.

The Final Fight - this seems to be the final boss, with another kid being able to mutate into a superhero like the main protagonist. The Infinite Health cheat does not work here as the boss seems to be invincible, which is ironic.

Final level, with some thugs to beat up, then the game does not load any more levels when the Level Select code is used, but reverts to Level 2.

The game does have some artwork between the levels, but there is no real narrative. The options in the main menu cannot be changed in this version, and two-player mode does not seem to allow more than one player. The Sega CD (Ultraverse Prime) has 15 level, while the SNES game has 16 levels, which means the prototype is a lot more complete than I thought. However, you cannot get the power-ups in the SNES game. These help to build up the words "Extra" and "Bonus", leading to extra lives and health. Beating enemies in the released game is pretty easy rather than the endless slugging in this one. However, the graphics in the SNES version are much better than the Sega port, though. There is no music in the prototype, which, going by the comments on the final game's soundtrack, is not a bad thing.

More on this game as soon as I can compare it more with the Sega version.


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