The Chronology

Late Third Millennium BC - Mathayus, boy living in the kingdom of Akkad, seeks to undergo training with an elite band of warriors called the Black Scorpions. His father, Ashur, warns him about this, but Mathayus goes anyway. At the Black Scorpion Academy, he meets up with Layla, an old friend who also wants to join the band of warriors. However, events go against the pair and the Emperor's general, Sargon, almost kills Mathayus but for Ashur's intervention. Emperor Hammurabi pardons this act, but Sargon exacts revenge by using a curse to kill Ashur. Mathayus vows revenge and plans to join the Black Scorpions in order to gain the skills to see this through.

Seven years later, Mathayus is 20 and is graduating from the academy as a swordsman. Emperor Hammurabi has been assassinated by Sargon, who now rules the empire. His dark magic comes from Astarte, Goddess of Love and War and a ruler of the Underworld. Sargon recognises the Mathayus and invites him to pledge his allegiance at his palace. Seeing an opportunity, Mathayus does so and is given one of the Emperor's concubines as a reward. However, his brother is brought before Sargon on false charges and, despite a rescue attempt by Mathayus, is killed by the ruler's black magic. Mathayus encounters his old friend Layla, who has left her would-be husband at the altar. She has undergone years of training in secret herself. The pair flee to Egypt, encountering a young Greek playwright called Ari. He tells them of the Sword of Damocles, which could be used to defeat Sargon.

Led by Ari, the three find the labyrinthine entrance to the Underworld and Mathayus slays the guardian, a Minotaur. Helping them are some of the prisoners they set free. Well-versed in mythology, Ari solves a puzzle which unlocks the gates to the Underworld. The group move through deserts and swamps, finally arriving at Astarte's palace. They manage to retrieve the sword and escape, although Astarte casts some doubt in Mathayus' mind.

Returning to Akkad, they find that Sargon is on the verge of godhood as he plans to sacrifice an entire town to Astarte. The group free the people and prevent the town's colluseum from being destroyed. Mathayus confronts Sargon, but is seemingly betrayed when Ari gives the Sword of Damocles to the Emperor. But he double-crosses Sargon instead and passes the real sword to Mathayus. Sargon mutates into a gigantic half-man, half-scorpion creature: the Scorpion King. Mathayus uses all of his fighting skills to kill Sargon with the sword. He decides to leave Layla and leaves to travel into the desert.(The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior)

Although the leader of the Akkadians now, he relinquishes this to another so that he can train as one of the legendary Akkadian assassins.

Finishing his training, Mathayus is given his first mission by the Akkadian king, Urmhet. A local warlord has murdered one of his concubines and her sisters want justice dispensed.

Mathayus leaves for Kehmet to deal with the man, but when he finally penetrates the warlord’s stronghold, he finds the man dead. Mathayus finds himself fighting against Anubis himself, but the Akkadian is able to defeat the god temporarily. However, it is after this that the true villain shows himself: a sorcerer called Magus has set Mathayus up and offers him a place at his side in return for his services. He refuses Magus’ offer, for which he is imprisoned. Escaping from the underground prison with Hammet, he finds an old adversary of Magus, who had been imprisoned for refusing to join his forces as well. They return to the Akkadian village only to find that the king is dying and Magus’ forces are exacting their master’s revenge on Mathayus’ people.

Warriors from Anubis’ army prowl the ruins and winged Horus soldiers attack Mathayus as he tries to reach Urmhet. Hammet tells Mathayus that only the Sword of Osiris can destroy Magus, which is located on an island to the north. Mathayus sets sail for Crete, but is shipwrecked. On the island, he finds that the Minotaur has caused havoc for the local inhabitants, but they have managed to trap it. Mathayus insists on taking on the beast and fights his way through to the creature.

He defeats both the Minotaur and one of the Gorgons. However, he soon finds himself in the Netherworld in the realm of the Sphinx. He is informed by a mysterious voice that the sword used by Set to kill his brother that the sword has been shattered in pieces, but that it can be repaired.

Mathayus sets about retrieving the three pieces, defeating Bast’s warriors, the Sphinx and the serpent Apep.

Returning to the land of the living, he travels to the Tower of Babel, where the sorcerer is said to be. He meets up with Hammet again, who turns out to be Magus in disguise. Magus has captured Mathayus’ fellow warriors, Jesup and Rama, using them as hostages now. The sorcerer explains that he has had to use other means to employ the Akkadian to retrieve the Sword of Osiris from the Netherworld. He plans to use its power to command dominion over the land of the living. Summoning Set and using the god’s powers, Magus aims to unleash the beast armies of the Netherworld to enslave or destroy the human race. He says he will use Mathayus’ brothers as his first sacrifice. The Akkadian engages him in battle, but once again is tricked by the sorcerer: in order to become one with Set, Magus needs to be slain by his enemy. The Akkadian grabs the Sword of Osiris and fights the sorcerer, defeating him. However, magus transforms fully into Set, but is still no match for Mathayus: he is sent back to the Netherworld. The Akkadians escape before the entire tower is destroyed. (The Scorpion King: Rise of the Akkadian)

The lands of the Middle East are fought over by a number of warring tribes. A warlord called Memnon rose to become the most powerful among them, leaving only a few tribes and a solitary kingdom free of his dominion. He uses a sorcerer to foretell the future, thus ensuring him victory in any battle.

Mathayus assassinates King Trion, which allows King Telent to succeed Urhmet, but he is neither liked nor respected by many of his subjects. The king sends Mathayus on mission to retrieve the Book of Tehuti, which allows the reader to prophecise the future. In the war against Memnon's forces, this book will be essential. With this, Telent plans to take the battle to Memnon and attack Gomorrah itself. Amnakh, an experienced Akkadian assassin, goes with Mathayus into the desert. The pair kill a lion to eat, but its carcass is distubed by demons in jackal form: the two men attack and kill the pack. They ride on, reaching the Desert Cataract. Neither lingers in that area for any period of time. They move on to the lair of Hro, who guards the book. A multi-headed monster, it attacks the intruders. Amnakh is hit by the creature, stunning him for a few seconds, leaving Mathayus to kill the thing and take the book. before it dies, it warns the two men that, although the book can turn a king into a ruler of all men, it is not meant for King Telent. Memnon's sorcerer senses that the book has been stolen, prompting Memnon to attack the Akkadians. Telent tries to read the book and assumes that it is saying that he will be victorious. Queen Isis tries to convince Telent to join forces with her, which will help to persuade Kings Pheron and Balthazar to join them, thus giving their side a credible army with which to fight Memon. The Akkadian army marches on Gomorrah but are surprised by Memnon's army. Telent misplaces the book nd the battle goes against his army. Amnakh is killed trying to protect the king, but Mathayus kills Rah-Nok, Memnon's general. He then jumps into a ravine before the other soldiers can attack him. Jesup finds him later and the two escape into the desert.(The Scorpion King: The Akkadian Prophecy)

Pheron, king of Ur, calls a council of these vestiges, hoping to reach some sort of agreement in how to deal with the threat from Memnon’s forces. He hires Mathayus to assassinate Memnon's sorcerer. Mathayus enters Memnon's main camp, but he discovers that the sorcerer is a woman called Cassandra and is unable to kill her. He tries to abduct her, but his two fellow Akkadians are killed by Memnon’s guards. Pheron’s son, Takmet, has betrayed his own tribe in favour of a position in Memnon’s army. Memnon orders Mathayus to be killed as well, but Cassandra intervenes, saying that the assassin cannot be killed by the warlord’s hand.

Mathayus is buried up to his neck in sand, waiting to be eaten alive by red ants. With him is a thief called Arpid. Escaping, the pair head to Gomorrah to get even with Memnon. Mathayus enlists the help of a local boy to get inside Memnon’s stronghold, this time succeeding in kidnapping Cassandra.

The warlord sends his soldiers to retrieve the sorceress, but they fail. Mathayus is poisoned by an arrow tipped with scorpion poison, but Cassandra uses her powers to save him. Encountering Balthazar, the Nubian king, and Queen Isis, the remaining tribes decide to pool their resources and attack Memnon, now that his main source of power is gone. However, Cassandra has a vision of Mathayus being killed by the warlord and after spending the night with the Akkadian, decides to return to Memnon to try and prevent this.

The tribes follow Cassandra to Gomorrah and penetrate the city, but Memnon is suspicious of Cassandra and tests her abilities. Mathayus’ forces attack and overwhelm the enemy and, although he is injured by Memnon, Mathayus kills the warlord. Following this, he is crowned king as predicted by an ancient prophecy, with Cassandra as his queen. However, the sorceress has a further vision, which bodes a much darker future for her husband. (The Scorpion King)

Following Memnon’s death, a new warlord/sorcerer rises to power. Menthu follows his predecessor’s drive for absolute supremacy, determined to conquer the known world with his legions. Cassandra is kidnapped by Menthu and Queen Isis, who want to use the woman’s abilities to locate the Scorpion Stone. This gem allows the possessor immense power. Mathayus arrives too late to save his wife, but she uses her abilities to guide him to the Hero’s Gauntlet, which can help him to destroy the Scorpion Stone. He travels to a number of places to collect the runes which will activate the gauntlet, locating the Sword of Osiris again, which is the only known weapon which can destroy Menthu. However, Menthu tricks Cassandra into believing that the gauntlet is slowly killing Mathayus and that, if she does not help them to find the stone, her husband will die. Mathayus eventually reaches the Dunes of Nath, but Menthu and Isis have already recovered the stone. He defeats Menthu, but Isis refuses to use the stone to heal the fallen warrior, instead using it for her own interests.

She transforms into a gigantic monster, half human and half scorpion. Mathayus defeats her and is reunited with Cassandra, who vows to continue to fight evil at her husband’s side. (The Scorpion King: The Sword of Osiris)

Now that two warlords have threatened the region, the Scorpion King gathers an army to ensure that no such further threats emerge. His own dominion begins to expand.

Cassandra dies as a plague sweeps through Mathayus' kingdom. Abandoning his kingdom, he becomes a mercenary once more. Egypt has been divided into three kingdoms and one, ruled by Talus, seeks to steal the Book of the Dead from the kingdom of Ramusan. Mathayus is hired by Ramusan to prevent this, but Talus kidnaps the king's daughter, Silda. If Mathayus can get her back, he can marry her. He manages to rescue her, but they cannot get back to Ramusan.

Talus steals the Book of the Dead and uses it to revive a warrior called Tsukai, who is then sent to attack Mathayus. She defeats the Scorpion King, but both he and Silda are captured by Talus. During the subsequent battle, Talus kills Ramusan, but Mathayus obtains the Book of the Dead and kills Talus. Tsukai now follows his commands and they establish a new order in that part of Egypt, exiling the remaining king, Horus. (The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption)

3067 BC – The Scorpion King’s army attacks Thebes. (The Mummy Returns)

3060 BC – Scorpion King and his army are defeated, ending their seven year campaign. Fleeing into the desert at Ahm Shere, the soldiers die, leaving only their leader alive. Making a pact with Anubis, the Scorpion King finds himself in a newly created oasis, alive and healthy once more, with a strange gauntlet on his arm. He is given command of the army of Anubis, continuing his original campaign to conquer his enemies. Like Isis after using the Scorpion Stone, he now takes on a monstrous form, half man and half scorpion, increasing in size. Once complete, the army disintegrates, returning to the desert once more. Anubis takes possession of the Scorpion King’s soul. (The Mummy Returns)

1290 BC – Thebes is a thriving centre of Egyptian civilisation. Pharaoh Seti I rules Egypt, with Imhotep as his high priest. The pharaoh has a daughter, Nefertiri, who sees Anck-Su-Namun as a rival. The two engage in combat with knives or sais for the entertainment and attentions of the pharaoh. This also hones Nefetiri’s fighting skills, as she is the guardian of the Bracelet of Anubis. Nefertiri notices the growing between her father’s mistress and his high priest. This culminates in Imhotep being caught with Anck-Su-Namun and their assassination of Seti, with Nefertiri witnessing the murder. Anck-Su-Namun commits suicide and her body subsequently cursed, with her lover being condemned to endure the Hom-Dai. Now undead, Imhotep is cursed to endure this for all eternity. (The Mummy/The Mummy Returns)

50 BC - The Emperor Han sets out on a quest to conqueur the known world. Using mystics, he emtombs the souls of his enemies in the Great Wall of China. He realises that only death stands in his way of immortality and he orders his minions to find a way of defeating death. His search leads him to a beautiful sorceress called Zi Yuan. However, Zi Yuan becomes involved with Ming Guo, the Emperor's most prominent General. Rather than submit to the ruler's demand that she commit herself to him (or else watch her lover die rather painfully), Zi Yuan curses Han and all of his minions, turning them into terracotta statues. These are collected and stored in the Emperor's tomb, where they remain for some two thousand years, guarded by Zi Yuan's daughter, Lin.(The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor)

31 BC – The Roman general Octavio desecrates the tomb of Cleopatra VII in an attempt to retrieve the many treasures there and to exact revenge for the Queen’s alleged crimes against Rome. Unable to do so, he curses her name and blocks her passage into the afterlife by destroying parts of her golden barge. (The Mummy Chronicles: Heart of the Pharaoh)

15th Century AD - The Oyo Empire forms in Africa. The third king, Xango, is given the Eye of Shangri-La as a wedding present by his father-in-law, but the gem begins to corrupt him. His wife takes matters into her own hands and has him poisoned before he can use his power to conquer the entire world. She rules over a peaceful and prosperous kingdom until her death. Xango's ax is buried with her as a safety measure, although Xango was deified after his death. (The Mummy: The Rise and Fall of Xango's Ax)

1920 AD - Evelyn Carnarvon goes to Egypt to start working as an Egyptologist. (The Mummy)

1925 AD – UC & Sons of London establish themselves, expanding into Egypt, in partnership with Sahara Traders. (Revenge of the Mummy)

The French Foreign Legion finds Hamunaptra, Anubis’ own city and the final resting place of Imhotep. Only Rick O’Connell and his fellow legionnaire, Beni, survive the attack by Medjai warriors.

Rick is captured and placed in prison. Meanwhile, Evelyn, now at the Cairo Museum of Antiquities, comes across a map showing the location of Hamunaptra. Her investigation leads her to Rick, who is about to be hung. She makes a deal with the prison warden for him to be set free and they travel towards the lost city. Medjai warriors attack them, but the three make it to the lost city, only to find Beni with a rival expedition. Despite the efforts of the Medjai, Imhotep is resurrected by way of the Book of the Dead.

Fleeing the site, the two expeditions are attacked by Imhotep as he continues to regenerate. He kidnaps Evy so that she can be used to resurrect Anck-Su-Namun. Rick, Johnathan and Ardeth return to Hamunaptra to rescue Evy and stop Imhotep. Evy uses the Book of the Living to return Imhotep to the underworld. As the city begins to crumble, the group make their escape, leaving Beni trapped in the tomb with only the lethal scarabs for company. The O’Connell’s leave with a number of treasures, making them extremely rich. Ardeth Bay and the Medjai continue to watch over the ruins. (The Mummy)

1927 AD - Rick has nightmares about an half-human, half-scorpion monster, who seems to attack Evy and him. Meanwhile, Evy's old teacher, Julian, has located a tomb related to the Orb of Destiny. He calls on Evy to help him excavate the tomb, bringing the orb with her. The group opens the tomb, but they are attacked by strange manifestations of various animals. Rick accidentally fends off the entities and finds he is holding a map which shows the location of the Valley of the Gods. They travel to the location, but are attacked by ancient Egyptian gods in mummy form. Escaping, the O'Connells travel back to America, but the gods follow them there. (The Mummy: Valley of the Gods)

1933 AD – It is the Year of the Scorpion. Now married, Evy and Rick O’Connell, with their son Alex, find the bracelet of Anubis in an ancient Egyptian tomb. Evy has visions of the past, which lead her directly to the bracelet. However, disturbing the artefact results in the destruction of the entire temple. The family escapes with the bracelet, but mercenaries attempting to retrieve the bracelet for themselves also escape.

The physical reincarnation of Anck-Su-Namun leads an expedition to locate the remnants of Hamunaptra, excavating the body of Imhotep. The mercenaries sent by her to get the bracelet report back to her empty handed, but she decides to follow the O’Connell’s back to London to get the artefact. Ardeth Bay follows them, now aware of their plans.

While the mercenaries attack the O’Connell family at their home, Anck-Su-Namun utilises the British Museum to resurrect her lover. Alex accidentally puts on the bracelet, foiling the attempt to retrieve it, but the enemy kidnap Evy instead and offer her as a sacrifice to Imhotep. Rick and Ardeth rescue her and escape, but Anck-Su-Namun’s men kidnap Alex instead.

While Imhotep uses Alex to locate Ahm Shere in an attempt to gain control of the army of the Scorpion King, Rick, Evy, Ardeth and Jonathan pursue them, using a dirigible flown by one of Rick’s old “friends” Izzy. They engage Imhotep’s forces at Ahm Shere and reach the Scorpion King’s pyramid just in time to save Alex. Evy is fatally stabbed by Anck-Su-Namun, but is resurrected by Alex using the Book of the Dead.

Ardeth Bay and the Medjai defeat the first wave of the army of Anubis, but they soon face another wave. Imhotep and Rick fight the Scorpion King in his temple. While Evy duels with Anck-Su-Namun, Rick defeats the Scorpion King with the Sceptre of Osiris.

Hordes of canine-bodied Anubis warriors bound across the Sahara towards the Medjai, but vanish as the Scorpion King is defeated. However, the pyramid at Ahm Shere begins to disintegrate and Imhotep and Rick both hang over a precipice. Evy rescues her husband, but Anck-Su-Namun flees, leaving a heartbroken Imhotep to let go of the rocks and plunge into the crevice below. Anck-Su-Namun falls into a pool of beetles, dying soon afterwards. With Izzy’s help, the O’Connell’s escape to safety as the pyramid sinks back into the sands, taking with it the oasis and its lethal undead guardians.
(The Mummy Returns)

1937 AD – Whilst training to be a Medjai in Egypt, Alex finds the Nazi’s excavating an ancient tomb. He meets up with Rachel, whose family have been persecuted by the Nazis for being Jewish. After sabotaging the excavation, the pair find that the German commanders have made a pact with Anubis to exchange a soul on Hitler’s behalf, so that they can command the army of Anubis and rule the world for 1000 years. The Scorpion King is resurrected and his pyramid at Ahm Shere resurfaces. With the help of Ardeth Bay and the Medjai, the Nazi’s are defeated and the Scorpion King destroyed once again. (The Mummy Chronicles: Revenge of the Scorpion King)

It is Halloween and the O’Connell family are contacted by Winston Churchill, who warns them that the German archaeologist Zorin Ungricht, who had tried to make a pact with Anubis earlier on this year, has found Cleopatra VII’s tomb. Churchill has also taken possession of the mummy of an Egyptian girl called Irani, whose heart still beats as if she were alive. Alex O’Connell talks with her and the family then accompany a small force of soldiers to Egypt, with Irani’s sarcophagus in tow.

Alex runs into Rachel again, who is spying on the local German troops, posing as an Egyptian girl sealing dates. He also meets up with another old friend, Matt. The three are discovered by a German agent and pursued through Cairo. They escape and meet up with their respective parents, who are meeting at the house of Matt’s father, a local diplomat.

Rick, Evy and the soldiers prepare to move out to find Cleopatra’s tomb, leaving the children safe at the house. However, Alex sees a large number of Italian troops moving out of the city and he and the other two set out to warn their parents. They encounter the agent again, but escape, hijacking Izzy’s dirigible to fly out into the desert. The ship crashes and the three make their way across the sands, guided by Irani’s spirit. They enter the tomb via a back window, but Rachel and Matt are captured by Ungricht and his men. As the soldiers load up some of the treasure, Alex tries to rescue his friends from a fiery end in a pit.

The resurrected mummies of Mark Anthony and his guards help Alex fight Ungricht and his men, but the archaeologist escapes along with some treasure. The mummies move to pursue them, but Alex reminds them that the “men of Rome” will be cursed if they have touched the treasure. It may be better for Mussolini to be cursed in this way, seeing as he has aligned himself with Hitler: Mark Anthony predicts that the Italian leader will die a bad death.

The mummies help Matt and Rachel out of the pit. Cleopatra emerges from her tomb, but the spirits of all of the mummies are stranded there, with no ship to travel across the underworld in. Alex has the idea of using Izzy’s ship and, soon, the spirits finally depart for the afterlife. Alex’s parents are surprised to find him and the others at the site, with explanations being given on all sides. (The Mummy Chronicles: Heart of the Pharaoh)

On an expedition to locate the Temple of Osiris, the O’Connell’s meet up with Ardeth Bay. A girl called Fatima brought an artefact to their attention some days before and she now travels with them down the Nile on a paddle steamer. However, some men hired by Ungricht try to kill Alex and Fatima by throwing them overboard to the crocodiles. Some of the would-be assassins end up in the water, but so does Alex. Evading the crocodiles by swimming deeper, he comes across an ancient amulet, which seems to grant his wish of being able to out swim the crocodiles. Back onboard the steamer, he becomes paranoid about his family and friends, hiding the amulet. Falling sick, he faces the djinn which inhabits the amulet in a dream. Alex’s parents and friends visit him in hospital. He ends up telling Rachel and Matt about the amulet, but they counter this with news of Ungricht’s presence in the vicinity. The three escape from the hospital, aiming to dispose of the amulet and the djinn lurking within it. Alex has made two wishes already and only has to make one more for the djinn to escape, which would be disastrous for the world in general. They encounter Ungricht, with Matt turning the archaeologist and his men into giant toads. This third wish releases the djinn, who gathers his army of demons to attack the three. The amulet still grants wishes and Alex wishes for someone to be able to help them: they are taken to the tomb of a priest, who they revive. He tells them of the evil sorcerer and how he tried to steal the amulet for his own selfish reasons, but was caught. Rather than surrendering, he imprisoned himself within the amulet so that he could escape at another time, using the amulet’s power to rule the entire world. The priest himself had prayed that the amulet only be found by someone who could defeat the djinn. Alex then goes out to face the demon, only to realise that the djinn was using his own fears against him. After that, knowing that he could not destroy the entity, he alters its form and imprisons it deep with the Earth’s core. He then asks for the amulet to return to Osiris, as it is too dangerous to be in the possession of humans, after which the amulet vanishes. Reunited with his parents, Alex is told by Ardeth Bay that it was his destiny to find the amulet and deal with the djinn, which makes him closer to becoming a true Medjai. Meanwhile, all of the giant toads have been eaten by the locals, except Ungricht, who now resides in a zoo. (The Mummy Chronicles: The Curse of the Nile)

Alex and two others are set a test in order to become a Medjai: the successful student will steal a phoenix's egg from a group of travellers and return it to the Medjai camp. The phoenix was once a creature seen throughout the world and known by many different names, but their numbers reduced after mankind's civilisations grew. One student, Ismael, is asked to leave almost immediately after failing an initial assessment, leaving Alex and another student. The pair ride off on their camels to locate the caravan of travellers, but Alex experiences hostility from his fellow acolyte. Alex is joined by Rachel and Matt, who followed him from Cairo, then by Ismael later on. They spilt up to locate the caravan, with Matt and Alex finding the camp first. Alex manages to sneak in, but the camp is attacked by raiders, who steal the egg and kill the travellers. The two follow the robbers back to their remote fortress, finding out that they have captured Rachel as well. Infiltrating the hideout, they find that the raiders are really slavers, and that Alex's rival is in the camp as well. Setting a diversion, they free the captured slaves. However, the plan results in a large fire taking hold, and the slavers face off against Rachel and the others, with Alex being held hostage by the leader of the raiders. Alex manages to throw the egg into the flames, resulting in the birth of the phoenix: many of the slavers are either killed or severely injured as a result. The prisoners escape and Alex's rival is taken back to Cairo due to his injruies, even though he betrayed Alex to the slavers. Later on, the two students are given their decisions by the Medjai council: neither is accepted. Some are unhappy about Alex allowing a dangerous creature like the phoenix to fly free, although Alex argues that it is part of his role as a Medjai to protect all life. Ardeth Bay reassures him that there will be other opportunities and other tests. (The Mummy Chronicles: Flight of the Phoenix)

1938 - Evy and Rock O'Connell, along with their son Alex, explore tombs in Eqypt in order to retrieve artifacts for Evy's employers, the British Museum of Antiquities in London. Evy is given a promotion at the expense of her counterpart, Colin, and now oversees a dig at Hamunptra in Eqypt. Colin follows the family there and finds the Book of Dead, but accidentally resurrects Imhotep. Allied with Colin, Imhotep tries to steal the Manacle of Osiris, which will grant him immense power, but Alex ends up wearing the bracelet instead. Imhotep kindaps Alex and, with Colin, travels to King Dozier’s pyramid, where the scrolls are meant ot be hidden. Evy, Rick and Ardeth follow in a dirigible. Imhotep resurrects some mummies to deal with the group when they arrive, but Alex uses the manacle to destroy the undead priests. The manacle also gives him a vision of the Book of the Dead and his mother manages to partially cite a chant to send Imhotep back to the Underworld, before Colin knocks it from her hands and into a deep cavern. Imhotep, now reduced to a skeletal figure due to Evy, escapes with Colin, promising revenge on the group. ((The Mummy Animated Series: The Summoning/The Mummy Animated Series Annual 2003))

An earthquake opens a hidden door just outside the library in Cairo, while the manacle shows Alex a vision of a gold disk. He goes off in search of this. Rick and Johnathan locate an ancient map in the vault near the library, returning it to Evy. Colin and his master also find the map, which seems to point to a second library located in what used to be Alexandra.

They arrive at the site, beaten narrowly by Imhotep. He uses shadow Demons to attack the group, but Alex, remembering his vision, use light to defeat the creatures. He uses the manacle to deter Imhotep from approaching as well. Evy locates a remaining scroll which points to Alexander The Great, who took possession of the scrolls but never returned them. (A Candle in the Darkness)

The family travels to India, where an archeological dig might reveal the location of the scrolls. In a tomb, Alex finds a book which was written by Alexander the Great , which might point the way to the scrolls. Unfortunately, Johnathan retrieves a jewel from a statue, which triggers a trap. The ceiling begins to lower, threatening to crush them all. They use the book to save Johnathan, but the tome itself is crushed. Alex remembers that the scrolls were supposedly left at the Palace of Merneptah in Memphis, Eqypt. Without the dirigible, they go in search of other means of transport. At a market, Alex has a run-in with a snake charmer and his snake, but is saved by a ferret. The boy adopts the ferret, calling him Tut. His father has located some transport in the meantime and they make their way on the backs of elephants.

Imohotep has located the Staff of Set, which can be used to control elements such as water. As the O’Connell’s arrive back in Eqypt, Imhotep sends a Dragon made of water to attack them. Ardeth Bay intervenes and saves them. They enter the Palace of Merneptah and Alex is kidnapped by Colin. He escapes again and returns to help his parents fight a Wind Demon created by Imhotep. Using the manacle, he destroys the entity and the family is able to learn that the scrolls were a part of Athena’s cargo. (Against the Elements)

The group travels to Greece, only to find that the city of Minosos is now underwater. Imhotep attacks but is defeated by the manacle’s powers. A vision shows Alex that an earthquake destroyed the city, leaving it underwater. Evy’s locates a friend who has a submarine and they go down to the ruins, only for the sub to be damaged by Imhotep. While Rick dives to retirve the book from the nearby city, the other repair the sub, then all head to the surface. Evy begins to translate the book that they have retrieved. (The Deep Blue Sea)

Pursued by Imhotep into Turkey, they learn that the scrolls could have been taken to a far land, which seems to be Australia. They use the Zephyr to escape, then set course for Australia. Alex has a vision of a girl and a volcano. The balloon is hit by lightning and they land on a remote island. Searching for food on the island, Evy and Rick become trapped in quicksand and are rescued by the same girl as the one Alex saw in his vision. Ishi takes them to her mother, the chief, who promises to help them repair the dirigible. However, a Lava Demon emerges from the volcano and attacks the group. As Ishi tries to stop the demon by sacrificing herself at the volcano, Tut helps Alex to realise that the demon was summoned when the balloon damaged a spirit pole upon landing. After stopping Ishi and repairing the Zephyr, they continue on their way to Australia. (Eruption)

The trail runs dry and the family returns to Eqypt. They follow another line of enquiry which leads them to a pyramid, pursuing an artefact of great power called the Orb of Aten. There are no scrolls in the pyramid, but Alexander the Great’s records show that the orb may be located there. Evy finds one half of the orb, but Imhotep takes it form her and the O’Connells bearly escape as his power is increased immensely. Evy knows of the location of the second half and sends a telegram to the curator of a museum in New York. The family travels there, but Imhotep gets to the orb before them. However, he needs to perform a ceremony at sunrise to activate the orb’s full power. Evy uses the Book of Thoth to defeat the undead creatures sent by her enemy, then cites a spell to cause an eclipse. This temporarily stops Imhotep, allowing Rick to destroy the orb, but Evy loses the book in the water. (Orb of Aten)

Colin makes a major discovery in London, locating a book which may reveal the location of the scrolls. The O’Connells arrive, but Colin escapes with the help of Imhotep. Alex uses the manacle to freeze the undead priest, allowing Rick and Evy to get the book from Colin. It contains a mathematical formula, which they take to one of Evy’s old teachers, Professor Einstein. They travel to Berlin, but Imhotep kidnaps Einstein before they arrive. A vision leads Alex and his parents through the Black Forest, which has been cursed by their nemesis. However, they manage to rescue Einstein and trick Imhotep into thinking that he has the real formula, whereas Einstein tells Evy the real one. (The Black Forest)

Alex dreams of a cave at Lake Titicaca in Peru, where Imhotep ambushes the family in their search for the scrolls. He wakes up in the Mojave Desert where the current trail runs dry, so, the family decides to travel to Lake Titicaca. Meanwhile, the head of the British Museum is attacked and held captive by Colin, as he is aware of Colin’s current allegiances. Rick, Evy and Alex encounter some people on the mountain overlooking the lake, with Alex’s dream becoming reality as Imhotep causes an avalanche that endangers the children. However, they fend off their undead enemy and locate some scrolls in the cave, but they are not the ones they are looking for. (The Cloud People)

Travelling to Mongolia, the O’Connell’s locate the remains of Genghis Kahn’s treasure in Mogoca. However, they then have to travel to Leningrad to see if the scrolls are among the rest of the treasure, taken there in the past. At the palace, the family searches for signs of the scrolls, but Alex accidentally releases a demon while playing with some Russian Dolls: the entity feeds on people’s fears. The worse the fear becomes, the stronger the demon grows. However, they defeat the creature and the manacle leads the group to a chest with a remnant of the scrolls. They then trap the fear demon in the chest and hand it over to Imhotep when he appears. They leave the undead priest being entombed in a coffin again … (Fear Itself)

Following on from their investigations in Mongolia and Russia, they travel to China, where the scrolls may have been a part of a gift to Kublai Khan. The group has to penetrate the Forbidden City, where they inadvertently help the emperor, Jin-Wu. In return for their assistance, he helps them into the Forbidden City and offers them a large reward. They refuse, saying they would like to carry on with their search for the scrolls. He treats them to a veritable feats of a meal instead. Alex and Jin-Wu take some lessons in Tai Chi, but the Emperor grows bored and goes to find Evy and Rick. The couple have found a reference to Marco Polo, but cannot translate the exact passage. Jin-Wu says his own translator will help them, but has already translated the passage for himself. He goes to find Alex and the pair head off to where the scrolls may be. Lin Chou translates the passage for Rick and Evy, but he counsels caution in going to find the scrolls, as the Han Dynasty shrine is protected by a dragon.

Jin-Wu and Alex accidentally release the dragon and it begins to lay waste to the countryside. Back in the city, Jin-Wu denies any wrongdoing and has the O’Connell’s locked up when they argue otherwise. Lin Chou helps them to escape again and, with Alex working alongside a contrite Jin-Wu, placate the dragon and get to the shrine. (The Boy Who Would Be King)

The group travels to Greenland, but only encounter an ice demon, which is defeated with the help of the manacle. Back at the British Museum, Evy gives the Director a chalice, which is the result of their latest expedition. They then head off to Ireland in pursuit of another lead at McTalford Abbey, which may take them to the scrolls. They are warned not to travel there by an old woman, but other locals dismiss her advice. The group are pursued by wolves as they near the abbey, but Rick is bitten by one of the animals. The family explores the abbey library, but Rick turns into a werewolf. Alex has a vision about Horus using the manacle to revive his father, Osiris. Rick leaves through a window to join the rest of the wolf pack outside the abbey, while Imhotep enters the abbey unseen. Johnathan leads Evy and Alex to a room that he found earlier, although Imhotep and Colin fall foul of a trap as they try to follow. The old woman, Marie, meets them there, revealing that her husband is also a werewolf. After retrieving the contents of the room, they head off to the village, where Marie helps Alex to return Rick to normal. The group then travels back to London, leaving Imhotep empty-handed. ( Howl)

Back in Egypt, Imhotep has found the first piece of the Puzzle of Horus, but Ardeth Bay makes off with it. In London, the O’Connell’s have returned to the British Museum Alex encounters on e of his friends, Simon, who asks about the manacle Alex is vague about its origins and, later on, Simon hides witnesses Alex using the manacle to do some housework. Confronted by his friend, Alex tells him the truth. Meanwhile, Evy has run into a dead end with regard to their search for the scrolls. However, a message from Ardeth Bay informs her of his latest acquisition and the family heads off to Egypt onboard the Zephyr. On the way, they find a stowaway: Simon. Alex, Rick and Evy meet with Ardeth and he gives the boy the first piece of the puzzle: it triggers a vision of the location of the second piece. Imhotep attacks the dirigible and destroys it, with Johnathan and Simon bearly escaping. After retrieving the second piece, the group returns to find the ship little more than ash. Alex uses the two pieces of the puzzle to locate the final part. They trval on a train to get it, but Imhotep attacks. Ardeth and Rick stay to fight him while the others escape, but they are beaten. Taking the final pieces of the puzzle out of a box, Alex then casts it out of the window of the train. Imhotep leaves, but traps the group inside. They bearly escape before another train collides with their own. They try to escape on camels, but Imhotep has discovered Alex’s ruse and creates a worm made of sand to attack them. Alex and Simon are eaten by the creature, but escape with the help of Ardeth. Johnathan locates the final piece of the puzzle and the final artefact shows them that the scrolls are in Paris. As they leave, Imhotep and his crony are attacked by their own creation. ( The Puzzle)

In Paris, the group enter the catacombs underneath the Opera House. They come across a gaping chasm, encountering the Minotaur. It kidnaps Evy and escapes across the abyss with her. Alex uses a lot of the manacle’s energy to create a bridge, then the group splits up to find Evy and the scrolls. The Minotaur informs Evy that he is the guardian of the scrolls and that nobody must possess their power. However, Rick and Ardeth locate the scrolls, drawing the creature away from Evy. Finding a journal and a picture of a Medjai warrior, she finds out more about the Minotaur. Imhotep arrives and sends in his army of undead priests to attack his enemies. Ardeth manages to release Alex from the manacle by locating the right passage in the scrolls, but he is attacked by the Minotaur. Recognising his adversary’s fighting style, Ardeth begins to realise the truth about the creature. Alex puts the manacle on again to help Ardeth, but the creature decides to talk anyway. He relates the story of how the Medjai had fought with Napoleon to retrieve the stolen scrolls, employing an Egyptian sorcerer to turn one of their warriors into the Minotaur in order to protect the scrolls from being taken again. Meanwhile, Imhotep finds Evy and, in the ensuing fight, compliments Alex on his use of the manacle. Rejecting an offer from Imhotep to rule the world with him, Alex burns the scrolls. The place begins to fill with water. The group escape, leaving the Minotaur trapped below. Ardeth thanks him for his help, but comments that he may be stuck with the manacle permanently now. However, he does offer to train the boy to become a medjai. ( The Maze)

Alex begins his training in Egypt, but does not do well on one of his first tests. Meanwhile, Imhotep emerges from the ruins in Paris and locates Colin. The undead priest has located another way to regain the powers lost to the manacle. Evy and Rick are sent by the Director of the British Museum to investigate mysterious events in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. He also gives the couple a new means of transport: a new Zephyr dirigible. With Johnathan and Tut oboard, they fly to Eqypt. Several tombs have been raided, leading Evy to suspect that there is a mummy involved. With Ardeth and Alex joining them, the group soon encounter their old enemy as he retrieves the body of Anck Su Namun from a sarcophagus. Rick and Ardeth fight off some of Imhotep’s warriors and Alex destroys the creatures with the help of the manacle. The only way for Imhotep revive his lover is to use the Corona of Azima and the Lake of Eternity. This body of water forms every five thousand years, bringing anyone immersed in its waters back to the land of the living. Anck Su Namun is resurrected, more powerful than ever. She attacks her enemies and fights with Evy, defeating her this time. As Imhotep escapes with Anck Su Namun and Colin, Evy dies. However, Johnathan revives her with water that he had taken from the lake in a water bottle. She has a vision of her former life in ancient Eqypt. Meanwhile, Anck Su Namun is becoming more hostile towards Imhotep as he tries to get her to remember where the Scythe of Anubis is located. He hijacks a ship and gets rid of the crew: the captain is able to send an SOS just in time. Onboard the dirigible, Evy is having more visions: Imhotep knew the spell to use the scythe, while Anck Su Namun and Nefertiri knew of its location. Imhotep had planned to steal the scythe, but his affair with the Pharaoh’s concubine was discovered and the pair never completed their scheme. Hearing the SOS, the group rendezvous with the ship and Evy takes off to confront her ancient foe. The others follow and engage Imhotep in combat. The undead priest crashes the ship into some rocks, forcing everyone to leave. Anck Su Namun and the others arrive at the Temple of Anubis, with Evy is pursuit. Imhotep gets the scythe and the place begins to collapse. Rick and the others begin to dig their way in to get to Evy. Anck Su Namun is offered a place at Imhotep’s side in ruling the world, but she is much more belligerent now. She refuses to bow to anyone and attacks Imhotep. Remembering parts of her past life, Evy summons Anubis, who retrieves both the scythe and Anck Su Namun and leaves the others in the collapsing temple. Rick helps Evy to escape before the whole tomb is destroyed. ( A New Beginning)

Nizam Toth is the only warrior to have betrayed the Medjai and is kept in a prison run by an old warrior called Tariq. The prisoner escapes and vows revenge on Ardeth Bay. Meanwhile, Alex and Ardeth are taken back to the hidden Medjai training area by Rick and Evy. But Alex is unpopular with his fellow students, who see him as a favourite of Bay’s. Nizam has made it into the desert and uses a spell to restore his youth and then sneaks into the training camp. Setting the place on fire, he captures his enemy and escapes. The students follow, but some are quickly trapped. Alex and another student called Yanit find a bridge, but a sign warns them that no man can cross it. Yanit does so, revealing that she is a girl. They rescue Ardeth and save the other students, forming a stronger bond between all of them. ( The Dark Medjai)

Alex becomes lost in sandstorm and is rescued by a man called Jack. It seems that Jack is a tomb raider, locating artefacts which he sells to museums and collectors. Ardeth and Rick arrive on the Zephyr and the latter recognises jack as his father. However, the two quarrel and Jack leaves. Alex follows him and helps him to locate the Scarab Amulet. This artefact contains an entity called Scarab, imprisoned there by Osiris with the power of the manacle. The creature is able to escape again, but Jack and Alex are rescued by Rick. Alex then discovers why Jack left the family so ong ago: he had become a Medjai. The four defeat Scarab, but the entity is still free. Jack vows to work for the Medjai again, returning any artefacts to Ardeth Bay. ( Like Father, Like Son)

In Italy, Colin uses the Flute of Nephthys to revive two Algaophones. These creatures had been incarcerated for trying to pilfer the Cloak of Isis in order to increase their own powers. Colin is unable to control them and they obtain power over him, as well as Rick, Alex and Jonathan. Evy has to form an uneasy alliance with Imhotep to defeat the Algaophones and free the others. ( The Enemy of My Enemy)

Rick and Evy are sent to locate the Trident of Voth, which is rumoured to be located in Greenland. This artefact gives the owner some control over the weather. Imhotep and Colin are also looking for the trident, reaching the ancient city of Gunterfodden at the same time as their enemies. Imhotep revives the king of Fodden, but Colin retrieves his fallen locket, giving him control over the entire Fodden race. They attack Imhotep and imprison him, but he later escapes. The two sides fight over the trident, but it is lost down a deep chasm. ( The Cold)

Imhotep travels back in time to alter the past, so that Alex no longer has the manacle and certain aspecs of the present are altered. However, Johnathan and Alex are able to go back after him to put things right again. ( Time Before Time)

Continuing his Medjai training, Alex is told by Adeth Bay that the manacle allows him to do almost anything he wishes. Imhotep attacks but is repelled. The priest then colludes with Thoth to contaiminate Alex with water from the Spring of Evil. He becomes overconfident and starts to attack both his teacher and his family. Rick manages to get through to him what he is doing. Imhotep and Thoth are foiled. ( Spring of Evil)

Imhotep steals the cocoon of a Nehansan from the village where two Medjai students live. He fuses with the giant spider and uses its power to try and destroy a nearby dam. Yanit, Alex and Fadil destroy the entity with the aid of the electricity supply at the dam. With the spider killed, Imhotep escapes. ( Trio of Evil)

Anck Su Namun returns, this time in Thailand. She confronts Rick, Evy, Johnathan and Alex in a temple after luring them there. She starts to feed on the lifeforces of the adults to restore her own youth, but Alex destroys the source of her power, a mysterious ring. She is forced to return to the Land Of The Dead. ( Old Friends)

Imhotep and Colin learn of a Medjai artefact which may rival the manacle in its power. However, they fail to get the medallion. ( Just Another Piece of Jewellery)

Alex finally becomes a Medjai, but finds that the manacle no longer works as it should. He engages Imhotep in a titanic struggle, finally defeating his nemesis. Trapped in the Underworld, Imhotep forges new alliances with the forces down there. He still poses a threat to the world. ( The Reckoning)

Ardeth Bey continues to train Alex in the way of the Medjai, working with him while his parents continue to explore the tombs of Egypt. Meanwhile, Weasler reappears, communicating with his master about three fragments of a talisman that holds great power. The O'Connells learn of this and race against Colin to retrieve the three fragments of the talisman. Travelling to the Tomb of Kebyr, the Temple of Mount Tackan and the fortress of Mu-Xing, they retrieve the fragments. But Imhotep finally gains possession of the talisman and it comes at a price: the life of Ardeth Bey. Alex uses his Medjai powers to travel to the Kingdom of the Dead to rescue his master. Revived, Ardeth informs his friends that the talisman is not Imhotep's ultimate goal. The undead warrior hopes to use three keys to sacred temples to increase his own powers. Alex's experience allow him to develop new powers with the manacle, allowing him to defeat his enemy at the Statue of Liberty in New York. (The Mummy - PS2 Game)

1939 - The O'Connells become spies for the Allies and work throughout the war against the Nazis and other Axis forces. (The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor)

1940 - The Eye of Shangri-La is smuggled out of China during the chaos of the Second World War.(The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor)

1941 - Alex lies about his age to join the US airfoce.(The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor draft script)

1946 AD – Alex locates the missing Lord Horwood, who has succeeded in finding the Third Eye of Shangri-La. However, Rick O'Connell catches up with his son and his old comrade in Burma, only to find that Xango, an ancient Thunder God, is also after the Eye. Xango manages to recover the source of his power and resolves to extend his dominion once more, but needs his ax in order to regain all of his power. This is sealed in his wife's tomb. Duncan Langford of the Smithsonian Institute manages to rescue the O'Connells: he is also pursuing his counterpart, Lord Horwood. They intercept Xango with the help of an old German tank, but it is Xango's wife and father who put a stop to his thirst for power. Lord Horwood escapes with the Third Eye. (The Mummy: The Rise and Fall of Xango's Ax)

The O’Connell’s hope to retire from the Secret Service, but are offered one last mission by the Home Office: to return the recovered Eye Of Shangri-La to its home in the Shanghai Museum. Jonathan now owns an Egyptian-themed bar in Shanghai called Imhotep's, which may provide assistance for the O'Connell's. Alex is also in the vicinity, having located the tomb of the Dragon Emperor during an archeological dig in Northern China. Lin, the daughter of Zijuan and Ming Guo is an immortal guardian watching the excavation. She monitors the tomb of Emperor Han very much in the same way as the Medjai did Imhotep's tomb. The O'Connell's travel to China, where they visit Johnathan's bar. Alex joins them, but a ruckus is narrowly avoided between the O'Connell family and local pilots. Wu Yang, leader of a paramilitary group, has a spy, Choi, monitoring the O'Connell family. To complicate matters, Wilson, a financial backer of Alex's dig, now shows his true intentions by demanding the Eye of Shangri-La. Wu Yang also demands the Eye, which apparently contains a trace of the waters from a fountain of youth. With this, he aims to revive Emperor Han, but events go awry when he only gets the water on his master's chest, not his lips. This only partially resurrects Han. There is hope in the form of the Dragon Dagger, which can destroy the Emperor. Han and his forces race against the O'Connell's to reach Shangri-La. Buying the services of the resident pilots in Johnathan's bar, they fly ahead of their enemy. Despite conflicts between Lin and Alex, they realise that they are in love with one another. They reach the gateway to Shangri-La, with the Emperor's forces attacking the O'Connell's. It is here that they find what the Dragon Emperor had been so desperately seeking: the pools which hold the Elixir of Life. Lin calls on some allies, the Yetis. who begin to to turn the tide of battle. Lin tries to kill Han with the Dragon Dagger, but he just throws it back at her. Han manages to rid himself of the Yeti menace, but Alex creates an avalanche to level the odds again. Rick is severely injured, but he is revived by water from the spring. The Emperor arrives at the spring and decides to take Lin as his bride in place of Zijuan. Han drinks from the spring, making himself fully immortal. He transforms into a Pixiu and grabs Lin and Wu Yang, flying off with them both in his clutches. The O'Connell's follow, and Zi Yuan releases the souls of the slaves from their imprisonment in the Great Wall. The final battle occurs when the Emperor's forces clash with Ming Guo's army. Alex rescues Lin, but Zi Yuan is wounded. The arrival of aircraft begin to rebalance the struggle, but Han escapes to try and destroy an alter at the base of the wall, which will return the enemy army to their prison. Evelyn and Lin kill Wu Yang, but Alex and Rick fair poorly against Han, with the Dragon dagger now shattered into pieces. However, using a ruse to distract the Emperor, Alex manages to destroy him with a shard of the dagger's blade. The Emperor's army dissolves into dust as the O'Connell's escape from the collapsing tomb. Lin sees the souls of the Emperor's enemies move on, no longer imprisoned. The O'Connell's regroup and retire to consider their next adventure. (The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor)

1947 AD - Johnathan has moved to Peru in the hope of escaping from mummies, but doscoveries of ancient remains there bring the O'Connell's to that part of the world soon after.(The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor)

1974 AD - The tomb of Emperor Xan is discovered by Chinese farmers as they dig a well.

2004 AD - In an ancient tomb located under an old UC & Sons mine, a female seer is guiding a group of visitors around the tomb, when she becomes aware of an imminent threat from the undead: Imhotep. The group try to escape using the Company’s mining carts.

An eclipse has allowed Imhotep temporary power again and he uses the Book of the Dead to try and possess the souls of the small group, who are now in the underworld. He offers them a choice of eternal riches or damnation. However, the eclipse ends and, with it, Imhotep’s power. The visitors are returned to the land of the living. (Revenge of the Mummy)

Other Scrolls

The Sword of Orisis