Macross Ultimate Frontier (PSP)

This game is the second of the Macross games. It has some 101 selectable mechs, aliens and ships, which are viewable in the game's Gallery mode. As with the first game, there are some ships that can be accessed only through CWCheat codes. Osmund Neuron located the ship select address (0x015FC5D8), so credit goes to him for most of the codes. However, he did not post the values for two of the ships:

0x015FC5D8 0x000000EB - Bajura (G)

0x015FC5D8 0x00000083 - Nous Jadeul Ger (G)

The "G" in brackets seems to mean Giant or Gigantic, and as you can see in the Nous Jadeul Ger pictures, these mechs are big. Stomp Tokyo BIG! Shame you can't trash the city, but have fun anyway.

The second interesting address was found by moi. The main Level Select value is 0x0016001D8 0x000000XX, where XX is the usual hex value. However, this is not as easy as the usual sequential level address. Although it works in both Campaign and Free Play modes, not all of the values work:

00 to 04 Crash the game.

05 This sky stage works best for by selecting another stage in the Free Mode menu that has static background images, then activating the code. Now, you can not only have Earth in the upper atmosphere, but three moons as well!
06 to 09 Crash the game.

0A to 0E - Space setting. Again, selecting other stages with background images means they show up in the space stage.
0F to 10 Crash game.

11 Sunset cloud cover stage.
12 Crashes game

13 Saturn stage lacking the relevant textures.
14 to 15 Crash game.
16 Space setting.

17 One of the last stages in the Free Mode, this has an impressive nebula in the background.
18 to 1F Crash game.

As can be seen in the Nous Jadeul Ger pictures, not all of the Campaign Mode levels are available in Free Mode. The Macross City level even has its own icon in Campaign Mode. There may be hacks to make these levels available in Free Mode, but probably the best way to play these is to get a save with all missions complete, then use the CWCheat code to select your own craft on the relevant level in Campaign Mode.

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