Macross Ace Frontier (PSP)

Based on the Gundam Battle series engine, this game is the first of three (so far) Macross games. Spanning Macross, Macross Plus, Macross 7, Macross F and Macross Zero, it has some 58 selectable mechs, aliens and ships. All of these are viewable in the game's Gallery mode. Not bad, but nowhere near Gundam Battle Universe. But with a slew of selectable pilots, customisable and upgradable ships and a ton of images to collect, it isn't sparse in the extras department.

Not all the ships or mechs are playable, though. Having located the ship select address (0x01548B80), we can have a look to see if any others are lurking somewhere, waiting to be played. Sure enough, the CWCheat code (0x01548B80 0x000000XX) allows you to select a range of ships, where XX is the hex value:

00 to 39 - mechs from Game Select Menu

3A - crashes game

3B to 5D - Gerwalk mode models

5E to 85 - Fighter mode models

86 - value for random mech in game menu (crashes game)

87 onwards - crashes game

There seems to be three distinct areas here. The main game's selectable mechs form the first area, with a null value at 3A that crashes the game. The second part contains all the Gerwalk mode models. Finally, at 5E, the Fighter configuration mode models fill out the rest of this section, which includes some capital ships. In these last two areas, the ships cannot transform into any other mode, which may make for a more challenging game for those players who have beaten the regular Campaign modes.

With the hex value of 86 (which is the Random Select) and all values after this, the game just crashes while trying to load the level. Probably can't find the relevant models, as they do not exist!

So, the code gives you all of the selectable mechs and two truncated game modes. Is that it? Well, not quite. There are three more values of interest. Here are three of the unplayable ships (along with the relevant CWCheat code), which actually come with weapons and special moves. However, as they are at the end of the Fighter mode range of values, it means these ships cannot transform:

0x01548B80 0x00000083 - X9 Ghost (Macross Plus)

0x01548B80 0x00000084 - Az-130A Panzerzorn (Macross 7)

0x01548B80 0x00000085 - FBz-99 Zaubergeran (Macross 7)

These ships are fought on a few of the stages in the Campaign mode, but they can now be used in both Free Play and Campaign, with their own individual weapons etc. The ships in Replay Mode can be replaced by changing the code value, giving some potential to really muck up the game!

The Ship Select type of code was tried on Gundam Battle Universe, but only the selectable mechs were found.

Update: The level select for Freeplay is 0x216EDC88 0x00000000, where the last two digits are the relevant levels. Nothing new, though, beyond the known stages. This code does not work for Campaign mode, though.

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