Judge Dredd: Dredd Vs Death (PC) Unused Level

Although much maligned when it first came out, Dredd Vs Death remains the videogame most faithful to the original comic. One aspect which seems to be left out of the main game is the actual containment facility for the Dark Judges, in that it is only seen in a cutscene. However, there is a remnant of this location in the main menu sequence, of all places. Looking through the various folders in the game's directory, I found that there is one called "envs", which is probably short for environments. In here, there is a file called SP_Menu.pc, which seems to be of the same type as those for the single and multiplayer levels. By renaming this file (SP_Menu.pc was renamed DM_Guns.pc), I was able to load the level as if it were one of the multiplayer levels (i.e. the Guns level). By setting the number of enemy bots to zero, I could have a good look around.

The area is just one room, with no way of using the hatch at one end. There are the four main containment units for the Dark Judges, with a laser system covering the central area. In the background is the main control room.

The control room has an array of control panels, none of which actually do anything other than look impressive.

Around the edge of the area are three consoles, displaying details of the containment. Again, these do not do anything.

Each containment unit has a console.

A Psi Judge runs checks on one of the central containment units, then walks out to a console on the perimeter and back again.

Overseeing the whole thing is Judge Judge, armed with a nasty-looking rifle.

Up on the wall is the name of the facility: Ethereal Storeage ... er, Storage.

The place is not without its hazards. Beneath the central containment is a chasm, which is not good for your character's health if you fall down it.

You do not need the full game for this hack, as the demo has all the relevant files. Just make a copy of the SP_Menu.pc file and rename it SP_03.pc (don't forget to make backups!), then load Level 3 in Story Mode. The menu cutscene will play endlessly until you press a button, then you will have to press the Action button before you can move around. You can use weapons, but they have no effect on the two judges in this level.

Trying to load other files in a similar way has not been as successful as this in either the main game, or the demo. The file with the cutscene at the end of Level 2 (SP_02End.pc), where Death and his pals escape, just plays the cutscene, then freezes. No gameplay there. There is also a file called Epilogue.pc, but this just loads a potted version of the Halls of Justice level.

Using Story Mode levels in a similar way does load the level in Multiplayer, although events needed to progress through the level do not work. Whether this is similar to the locked hatch in the Ethereal Storage is unknown at this time. But you can have armed perps running about in the first part of the Dead World level, while a load of skeletons wander around like regular citizens of MC1.

UPDATE: The loading text can be edited. If you open the English.asr file in a hex editor, you can change the text for specific levels. Here, the title for the second Arcade Mode level in the demo has been altered to reflect a new take on the Zombie Apocalypse mission:

The mission briefing can also be edited. Again, this has been changed to a Judgement Day scenario:

The following images apply to the Ethereal Containment hack detailed above. Unfortunately, the title image for the Story Mode level cannot be changed (I am working on this):

The background image on the Mission Briefing screen can be changed (change ch3.dds for another file from the full game), but the image here was the most appropriate. The text here has been changed in the English.asr file:

Not only can these changes be made to the demo files, you can also use a hex editor to make all cheats available in the demo. Simply hex edit the save file (save0.dsg) and change all offsets from x142 to x181 to 01 (the default value is 00). Good fun to use the Touch of Mortis on the undead ...

This document is Copyright Dr Kirk (2011). Judge Dredd is copyright Rebellion Developments Ltd: no attempt is made to infringe on this or any other holders of such copyright.

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