The Tourist's Guide to Gotham City

Batman And Robin for the Playstation is a seriously flawed game. While it offers you the chance to play as three characters and drive six different vehicles around an extensive Gotham City, the bad points more than negate these aspects. The controls are awkward at times, the collision detection is dodgy, and fighting the villains is often a chore. All of these present you with significant barriers to decent game play. Then there's that timer ...

To break the linear (if random at times) sequence of the game, the Gameshark codes over at can set all event flags to complete, plus the clock can be advanced to a point where it becomes irrelevant. So what was a broken game becomes a little more like it should have been: a free-roaming Batman game. The game's cheats can make the game easier to play, or allow access to new features and weapons.

Places To Go

Looking at the Gotham cityscape, there's a bit more to it than just the Batman And Robin setting. Locations from the other Batman films are sprinkled throughout the game:

Arkham Asylum - Psychiatric institution housing Gotham's most dangerous criminals. First seen in Batman Forever, it was featured more in the fourth film.

Axis Chemicals - In Batman, this is the place where Batman confronted Jack Napier, knocking him into the chemical vats. Napier survived and went on to become the Joker.

Batcave - Batman's hideout in all four films, it was destroyed by the Riddler and Two-Face before being rebuilt.

Blossom Street Baths - Poison Ivy's hideout in Batman And Robin.

Botanical Gardens - In Batman And Robin, Poison Ivy gatecrashed a fundraising event here just before Mister Freeze arrived to steal a diamond.

Cinema - This is where Bruce Wayne's parents took him to see a movie. Afterwards, they became lost and were killed by Jack Napier. In Batman, it was seen in a flashback.

Downtown - The general area where Bruce Wayne's parents were killed by Jack Napier in Batman.

Gilgamesh Laboratories - Seen in Batman And Robin, these labs were where Dr. Jason Woodrue carried out experiments on humans to develop super soldiers. Bane was the result of his research, while Pamela Isley became a victim of Woodrue's scheming.

Gotham Airport - Using disguises to hide their identities, Bane and Poison Ivy flew into this airport in Batman And Robin.

Gotham City Square - In the first movie, Vicki Vale followed Bruce Wayne here in an attempt to find out more about him.

Gotham City University -While researching a cure for his wife's illness at the university, Victor Fries fell into a vat of cryogenic solution. He survived, but became the villain Mister Freeze soon afterwards in Batman And Robin.

Graveyard - Accompanied by a media mob, Oswald Cobblepot found his parents' grave in one of the Gotham cemeteries in Batman Returns.

Ice Rink - A temporary rink set up for special occasions in Gotham, including the Christmas when the Penguin's attacked the city in Batman Returns.

Museum - The scene of the heist by Mister Freeze, where he tried to steal the Second Sun of the Sudan diamond in Batman And Robin.

Observatory - Used by Mister Freeze to try and engulf the city in ice in Batman And Robin.

Police HQ - The site of Commissioner's Gordon's office and the source of the Batsignal.

Rooftops - Thinking they were safe after mugging some people in Downtown, a pair of robber sorted through their booty before being attacked by Batman at the start of the first film.

Snowy Cones - Ice cream factory taken over by Mister Freeze in Batman And Robin.

The Ritz - The hotel where Edward Nygma launched his multimedia device in Batman Forever.

Uptown - Famous for its spires, this salubrious area of Gotham was seen in Batman Forever.

Wayne Enterprises - These buildings were owned by Bruce Wayne's corporation. Edward Nygma worked at one of these establishments in Batman Forever.

Wayne Manor - Bruce Wayne's family home.

In the game, these places are either listed on the tourist map or the Batcomputer map, or mentioned in the clues. Not all are seen or accessible in the game itself, though, such as the airport.

While many locations are from the films, others can be found in the novelisations. But you won't find the rooftops mentioned in any of these clues or maps, and it is a relatively unknown feature of the game. Using the Turbo Lift Jet Boots, you can get up on to some of the roofs to escape villains or grab power-ups. You can also bust down gates and other obstacles to explore the alleys running between the buildings. In some places, you also enter buildings to find even more items, or even the odd Batcomputer console.

There are two versions of the Batcave, one of which can be accessed by using Hacc's Gameshark code (300D28C7 0009) or by a long convoluted journey in the main game. In the alternate Batcave, you can activate a lot of the cheats.

People To See

Seeing as Gotham is presented as a city in the game, there are a few people wandering around. Not to mention creatures and fungi as well. There's also traffic on the roads.

Citizen - Men and women are often walking about in some of the more reputable areas. They can be the victims of gang members and Mr Freeze's ice rays.

Deviant - Thugs who attack you when you're on foot. They'll throw bombs at you if they get the chance.

Golum - Gang members who resemble the Joker in some ways. Or try to. Armed with grenades, they often attack citizens.

Tumbler - These female gang members will throw bombs at the Batmobile as it passes. When you're on foot, they flip and jump towards you to attack.

Inmate - Prisoners armed with sledgehammers. Otherwise, they're patients at Arkham Asylum, clad in straitjackets. Not that this is a stereotype or anything.

Snowthug - Members of Mr Freeze's gang. Usual generic fodder for superheroes to beat up, although some are armed with ice bombs.

Cryoman - A tougher thug in Freeze's gang, armed with an ice gun.

Hockeyman - Fast-moving thugs with an ice hockey sticks.

Motorcycle Gang - You may not always see these riders ahead of you as you drive along ... until you get a series of bombs lobbed at you from afar.

Snowmobile - They tend to be more passive than other road users, but they're a hazard if you're on foot and will drive straight at you even if you're on the sidewalk.

Snowy Cones Ice Cream Van - While not armed, these will collide with you at the earliest opportunity. Easier to destroy than other vehicles.

Armored Car - These pursue you relentlessly through the streets of Gotham, firing ice rays that chip away at your health. They'll crash into you if they get the chance, or into the nearest wall.

Car/Truck - Civilian vehicles that obstruct your progress, especially on the third day when they're frozen in the middle of the road.

Police Car - Often parked outside places where you can find vital clues. Otherwise they just get in the way as you drive around the city.

Zombie - A result of Poison Ivy's experiments, these come in two varieties: a skeletal creature that slashes at you with long claws; a huge compost heap with a skull stuck on the top.

Tarantula - A giant spider ... obviously.

Mushroom - These explode and release noxious fumes when you get near them

Frosty - Mr Freeze's chief henchman and a boss in the game. Armed with an ice cannon.

Bane - The first supervillain in the game. Poison Ivy's second-in-command and one of the bosses.

Mr Freeze - Another supervillain who is trying to save his wife from a fatal disease. Unfortunately, this means stealing diamonds and freezing the entire city. He is armed with an ice cannon.

Poison Ivy - The third supervillain in the game. She blows kisses and toxic vapours at you.

Things To Do

You have a choice of six vehicles in the game, two per character:

- Batmobile
- Redbird
- Batcycle
- Batskiff
- Bathammer
- Motorcycle

These will vary depending on the character, particular day and weather conditions. But using the debug menu can mean you have the ice vehicles on regular days, as you can in the image above. As an added bonus, one cheat (DAY_JOB) allows you to turn the motorcycles into pizza delivery bikes.

Each of the three playable characters has two costumes, which again depend on the day. These don't seem to change anything in terms of agility, speed or strength. Once again, the debug menu may mess up which costume your character is wearing on any particular day.

Batman and his friends have an arsenal of weapons and equipment at their disposal, some of which are particular to a certain character.

- Aerial Attack Missile
- Arm Shield
- Bat Bomb
- Bat Laser
- Batarang
- Batnet Gun
- Bat-Tazer
- Battle Blade Blaster
- Camera
- Chopping Blade Tool
- Coin
- Donut
- ElectroZap
- Extended Punch Glove
- Heaters
- Ice Blades
- Karate Manual
- Knuckle Duster
- Laser
- Magnesium Bomb
- Map
- Opti-Scope Missile
- Oxygen Mask
- Pizza
- Polar Assault Missile
- Rapid Deploy Vine Slicing Missile
- Sickle Shield Add-On
- Staff Launcher
- Tear Gas Bat Bomb
- Throwing Bird
- Turbo Lift Jet Boots

The karate manuals are found in bookstores, according to the game's own manual. These improve your fighting skills by giving you info on various combos. Check the Batcomputer for details after you find these.

Said game manual also notes that Batgirl's ElectroZap is similar to the one used by Catwoman, a reference to Batman Returns. Coins are usually found in public telephones (a Two-Face coin, in reference to the villain from the third film), which can be used to buy newspapers in order to obtain clues.

One cheat unlocks the pizza (DAY_JOB), a weapon that is thrown at opponents like a shuriken. Another cheat (MMM_DONUT) activates the donut weapon (the most powerful in the game, which causes any other character to expand and explode!)

There are two mini-games available through the cheats. One, entitled MICROMACHINES, features a deathmatch on a special level, with miniature cars and other vehicles. If you exit your own vehicle, you are normal size, but you can still get run down. The second game is a Galaga clone using the Batwing (The NOSTALGA cheat) to fight waves of Mister Freeze's burrowing machines.

Hidden Batcave

The unused Batcave allows you to activate the above cheats, plus infinite health (INVINCIBLE) and unlock all weapons (ALL_WEAPONS). The debug menu is also unlocked (LEVEL_SELECT), allowing you to load any level and to adjust the time for each day.

How to activate these cheats in the unused Batcave? The loading screen for this version has an image of the entrance to Wayne Manor, so you know you have the right one if you see that. Here's what is where, assuming that you are facing the Batcomputer:

- Infinite health can be activated underneath the stairs leading up to Wayne Manor on the extreme right of the Batcave. You should get a short animation of your character getting sprayed by some sort of vapour.

- The equipment near the vehicle turntable now functions. This is located to your left and up the first set of steps. Going down the steps on the other side, you should see a world map in front of you and equipment on either side. From left to right:

1 - Some sort of telescope that turns green when activated. This triggers the ALL_WEAPONS, MMM_DONUT and DAY_JOB cheats.

2 - A kind of searchlight that stops flashing when switched on. The exact function is unknown.

3 - A computer and radar screen. This activates the LEVEL_SELECT cheat, with the debug screen available by pressing the Start button.

4 - World map, which does not seem to do anything.

5 - A Batcomputer with only one option, the NOSTALGA game.

6 - A red laser scanner, which loads the MICROMACHINES mini-game level. You can get out of your vehicle in this game, but you can still get run over by your opponents.

- The regular Batcave's health and cell replenishers either side of the main Batcomputer seem to be discos! This may be intentional, given some of the other features in this version of the Batcave.

- The Batcave is full explorable now. Gone is the holographic fight simulator, to be replaced by a swimming mode where you can get out into the main cave. Beware of straying too close to the turntable, as that will activate the character's vehicle and you'll exit the level.

The debug menu allows you to load most of the game's levels, and adjust the timing. Many areas can be fully accessed if you load the Day 3 level after the unused Batcave, THEN load the level that you want. Once there, you might find obstacles such as locked doors blocking your way. Advance the debug timer until the relevant event happens (e.g. the barriers open in Arkham Asylum). Pressing Square on the debug menu to change the flag to "Day Complete" may also help. I've managed to access all parts of Arkham Asylum, Glitterati and World of Rings by using this technique. Depending on the clock and the level selected, you may find that vehicles and civilians are still moving around on Day 3 of the game, when they are normally frozen.

Despite all of these cheats, there are still a few others that remain undiscovered. Given the names of some of these, though, we're not sure we want to!

A beta shot of the game showed Batman beside the waterfall at the entrance to the Batcave. In the final game, you trigger an animation if you go anywhere near the gate. However, you can get passed this trigger. Walk up to a point just after the white lines end on the road. Activate the Turbo Lift Jet Boots and use these to get to a high point, then press Triangle to float down over whatever trigger there is for this level exit. You can walk up to the gates, but can't proceed beyond.

Developer Rooms

These were found by Faran Iqbal (aka ALLSTARGAMER)a few years ago, who posted a series of videos highlighting the secrets he found in the game (see link below). Thanks goes to Bob for pointing out this video!

To access these rooms, you have to get a key from a nearby building, then bust down the door to get in. Inside are two rooms. The main one has a number of computers that, when activated, change from the Batman and Robin logo to a picture of a cartoon character. There are also hostages in here that, when killed, provide power-ups. Very bizarre! Don't think they would have put that in the film! Other power-ups litter the room. On the desks are doughnuts and pizzas, depending on which character you play. So this is another way of activating the MMM_DONUT (and possibly DAY_JOB) cheat.

In the second room is a single hostage and two computers. One of these is different to the others, in that it is a Batcomputer. You can save here, but you will also find all of the game's clues, i.e. the GIVE_CLUES cheat.

On the desk is a second key, the function of which is to open the gates to Wayne Manor (located around the corner from the entrance to the Batcave). This entrance is marked on the map, but does not operate under normal circumstances. Drive up to this entrance and get out of your vehicle. Walk right up to the gates and activate them, which should change the view and load the unused (debug) Batcave.

When out and about in the city itself, you can find power-ups and items littering the city:

- Boosts
- Cells
- Clue
- Health
- Minor Health
- Plus Agility
- Plus Speed
- Plus Strength
- Super Health
- Super Surge
- Surge
- Turbo Boost
- Up Agility
- Up Speed
- Up Strength

These have temporary or permanent effects on your character's abilities or vehicle.

Getting Off The Beaten Track

This is more of a glitch, but you can get past the roadside barriers in wooded areas. Pull right up to the edge of the road (using one of the motorycles is best), then press Triangle to exit the vehicle. With any luck, you'll teleport through the barrier and you can wander around on the grass and in the trees. You might get stuck there, though.

Batman Begins

Not available through the hidden Batcave is a first-person cheat (TEST_1), where you can play the game like a FPS. Hacc's Gameshark code for this is 80069D7C 0002. This mode seems very odd for this kind of game, even if it is for testing. However, in an interview with the programmers in a 1997 issue of Gamefan (issue 7 of volume 5), they revealed that it was originally going to be a first-person game. They then managed to get the capes rendered accurately and it was switched to a third-person perspective. Now you can play Batman And Robin as it was originally intended to be played.

Batman And Robin Demo

For some really obscure reason, this demo was only released in Germany. And thatís despite the fact it is in English by default. Iíve found at least two German discs that have this version of the game.

As to be expected, the demo only has one mission. You must get out of the Batcave fast and get to the museum to stop Mister Freeze before he steals a diamond. Complete that sequence of events and youíve finished it.

You have access to the normal Batcave, but thereís no time to use its training facilities (not so different to the retail game then).

Thereís only one playable character, but cheats codes enable you to play as either Robin or Batgirl.

The capes for Batgirl and Robin are not rendered correctly, but this glitch appears in the main game too if you use codes to change characters or costumes.

Each character has their own vehicle, but the motorcycles retain the fiery exhausts of the Batmobile for some reason. The Bathammer is also available through cheat codes if you play as Batman.

The city map is vastly reduced down to a few blocks. There are enemies lurking on the roadside, and you have get past the usual fleet of suicidal motorcycles, armored cars and ice cream vans. You can also break into bookstores to find power-ups. All while the timer runs down ...

The debug menu can be accessed by modifying Haccís original code, but other than getting rid of the timer, most of the levels do not seem to work. You can reload the Batcave by selecting the Wayne Manor option. When selecting another character, there no warning about Robin and Batgirl not being available in the demo. Not that you can change your character at all, though.

Messing around with the debug menu, I did get a glitched level to load, showing just the cityscape horizon of the external levels, but no character or vehicle. It seizes up after a while if you try to do too much.

Another glitch happened when I tried to load the final level of the game, but got the Batcave with an icy mist.

It is restricted in scope and options, but there are some oddities to be seen in the demo. There are no unused levels as such. However, there may be some inaccessible areas of the main Gotham City map.

So while the Batman And Robin game still has its flaws in terms of controls, fighting and camera, the cheats render it more playable. It becomes a free-roaming version, albeit with some limitations on where you can go. Having said that, the cheats can also help you to play through the regular game. There are walkthroughs for the game on YouTube, as well as a guide that came with Playstation Solutions (available in PDF format through a Google search).

All screenshots are taken on a PSP, because my laptop just won't run PS1 emulators at the moment.


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