Frank Herbert’s Dune 21/8/2001 Demo

On the face of it, this has just the Harvester levels. The textures in the External level are now similar to those in the final game, as noted in the NEWS.TXT file dated 21/8/2001. The layout of that mission has also changed from the first demo.

Further investigation reveals other levels that are available through alteration of the game’s .EXE:

Worms – as in the retail game, this tutorial level has Paul trying to get away from the pursuing sandworm, while avoiding sandpits.

The Secret Of Liet Kynes (Mission 2) – an incomplete level that is traversable, and there are enemies and cutscenes.

This level has mission data on the loading screen, unlike the Citadelle level. Many parts of the level lack any textures.

Liet Kynes appears in at least one cutscene, which is similar to the retail version of this level.

There’s also an ornithopter, which has textures unlike the surrounding buildings. The interior cockpit has also been completed as well.

Guards wander around and generally look bored. They have set patrol paths and will attack you if you are seen.

The Harkonnen Citadelle (Mission 3) – as with the previous unused level, this is incomplete level. There are enemies and cutscenes, while the structures lack any textures.

Enemies ignore you even if you are spotted. You can attack and kill them with the knife, but the gun doesn’t work even if a target icon appears over the head of any particular mook.

Chani appears in a cutscene or two, but I don’t think you encounter her in the process of the actual game. I found her lurking in an isolated section of the level. She looks pretty similar to how she is shown in Lost Sietch.

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