Frank Herbert's Dune (PC) Demos

This article includes some info I posted on my blog at some point in the recent past. Now that further research has been carried out, there’s more to report.

Released in late 2001 for the PC and PS2, Frank Herbert’s Dune was based on the Sci Fi Channel miniseries of the same name. As with many PC game, there are demos. The known builds are as follows:

Demo 1 – .EXE dated 11/5/2001. This build has four missions: Worms, The Lost Sietch and Harvester (Exterior and Interior). This demo has cheats activated.
Demo 2 - .EXE dated 21/8/2001. There are two available missions: Harvester (Exterior and Interior). Cheats are activated.
Demo 3 - .EXE dated 31/10/2001. This demo only has one mission: Harvester (Interior) . No cheats activated.
Retail - .EXE dated 30/10/2001. There are no cheats activated.

While the two later demos have levels that are in the final game, these do vary in some ways. Some enemies used as placeholders, especially in the 21/8/2001 demo. The first two builds have the most differences, plus unused and incomplete levels. Click on the links below to see the details for both demos.

11/5/2001 Demo
21/8/2001 Demo