Witchblade: The Game.

This version of the game was a browser-based 3D affair. There doesn’t seem to be much remaining of this version in terms of video.

Having dug around, I came across the game’s main webpage and some installation files. The former gives some plot information:

Help Sara Pezzini untangle a mysterious crime involving the possible murder of a well-known businessman, a genetics laboratory and a snake woman who will stop at nothing to claim the Witchblade for herself. The trouble all starts when Sara agrees to assist Jake in rounding up former Black Dragon, Ian Nottingham. The discovery of Nottingham only leads to more questions and danger as Sara is forced to wield her Witchblade against those who would take it from her.

The game had three levels, with some familiar characters from the TV, but also some new ones. This indicates that it was a new story, rather than being based on one of the episodes like the Shockwave game.

In terms of game play, you got to explore the three levels and interact with NPC’s. You also had help from Sara’s partners, Danny and Jake. Despite the linear structure of the game, there seems to have been some variation where a certain character may have been located.

You needed to fight a bunch of enemies, and each level had a boss. As you progressed, you got points for defeating these opponents. You earned new fighting moves and abilities for the Witchblade. When you completed the game, you could upload your final score to the central Witchblade server and see how you did compared to other players around the world.

The game’s controls could be customised in the Options menu. Other changes that you could make included difficulty, screen resolution and music.

The game was java-based, but the Wild Tangent Web Driver was required for it to work. This acted as a medium between your computer and the game servers. As such, while I have been able to download some of the game files, models and graphics seem to be missing. These may have been downloaded as needed, rather than as a complete archive.

But while there are few screenshots and seemingly no videos, we do have the game’s basic files. Here, we have the game’s script for each of the three levels. The speaker of a particular line is unclear in a few places, and the order of some lines is equally uncertain at time. But below is a link to the reconstructed game script. It includes all the dialogue that I could find in the game archive. So we have a pretty clear idea of how the plot progressed and what kinds of characters you came across during the course of the game.

In contrast to the Shockwave game, the Wild Tangent version is very incomplete and lacking in visual media. But we also have a very good idea of the game’s structure and story. Some guys over at the Lost Media Wiki have been working on locating the old Wild Tangent games, but Witchblade is one marked as lost. I’d probably change that to partially found.


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