Witchblade: The Game (Shockwave)

This game was thought to be lost, but it has been unearthed on an alternative location of the old official TNT website. It was also wrongly thought to be the 3D game.

So what we have is a Shockwave game that can be played in an standalone player. Youíll want to make sure you have all of the background files as well. These files can be found here.

Beware of BACK2.JPG, as one of these is a blank background. If I recall correctly, you need the later copy of the file.

On to the game itself. There are only four stages, three combat and one driving. As you can see, the characters are digitised sprites of actors (may be the original cast, itís difficult to tell).

The game follows the plot if the TV series on which it is based.

First level has New York cop Sara Pezzini fighting one of the henchmen of the main boss, Gallo. The location is a museum in New York.

At the end, Sara acquires the Witchblade. Not that it does anything to boost her strength or health in this game.

Next level is the motorcycle level, where you dodge other vehicles on your way to the Rialto Theater.

Once there, you face another goon.

If you donít have the right copy of the background file, thereís not much to see besides the two fighters.

Gallo escapes and you have to pursue him to the next level. I told you itís a short game ...

This is the last stage and like the others, you can button-mash your way to victory.

Thereís a short ending and the option to play again. Is it worth playing through? Not really. You can complete it in a few minutes. But it is another game rescued from the void and made playable, thanks to the Internet Archive.

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