Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation Alternative Demo

There's always a lot of interest in Tomb Raider betas, especially the first five games. Some of the demos fall into this category as well, with marked differences to the final games. The most famous is the Area 51 demo for Tomb Raider 3, but the Lost Library for Tomb Raider 4 is also an interesting case. Strangely enough, this has always seemed to be very short for a demo.

Recently, I stumbled on another version, hidden away in the OPM (UK) 52 magazine disc (SCED-01826). By swapping the TITLE.PSX and LEVEL1.PSX files (the former being the flyby you see in the menu), you get a much longer version. And while this retains the features of the original demo, there are many alterations:

- There are no scorpions at all, which plague the player in both the shorter demo and the final game.

- One of the skeletons is missing, while a couple more have added in other parts of the demo.

- Many of the doors off the main library now lead somewhere and there is a logical order to the level, albeit without a means of finishing the demo.

- Rather than starting in a small room as in the original demo, you now begin in the main library itself. You can backtrack towards the bridge, but the gate is shut and there's no way opening it. Not only that, but a skeleton pops up to hack away at Lara in the confined space. Escaping is difficult as, rather than a ladder, there is a pole leading up to the library.

This version of the demo is not unknown, as Gh0stBlade has a video of it on YouTube (see links below). But other than that, there's scant information about it and how to access it. Which is why this page is here

Lost Library Walkthrough

You start off in the main room of the library. On either side are 3 doors, while on the balcony above, there are 2 on the left and 3 on the right.

Go through the furthest doorway on the left (which has no door) and follow the slope down. Head across the room to the far left-hand corner, avoiding the spikes in the pit. Use the shotgun to blast the emerging skeletons into the pit, or jump on to the block and take them out with the revolver (equipped with laser sight). Jump across to grab the lever on the right, which will activate the blocks behind you. Leave these for the moment and go over to the opposite side of the room. Shoot the vase if you want, then head through the doorway and take a shot at the upper pendulum to open the gate. Go through and dodge past the skeleton. Once on the raised level, take out the undead and then jump up to grab the top of the raised block. Leap across and pull up on to the ledge. Here, you'll find a jewel, which you can prise out with the crowbar. Drop back down and head back into the room with the raised blocks and the spike pit.

Clamber up to the top of the blocks and up through the hole at the top. Move on up the stairs and blow the wooden barrier away on the left to obtain a small medipack. Around the corner is a locked gate. Place the jewel in the hole in the wall and go through to pick up a piece of a coin. Don't worry if you're expecting a skeleton to pop out as you grab this artefact, there's nothing else here in this version of the demo.

Go down the stairs and open the doors. Go around to the right and follow the passageway all the way around the last door on the opposite side (the third door on the right, as seen from the starting point). Push open the doors and walk on through to find another wooden barrier on the wall. Blow it open to retrieve some flares. In the main section you have a choice of going left or straight on. Either way, use the sprint button to outrun the fire elementals now chasing you. If you take the left turning, run straight down and a right at the junction and dive into the pool of water at the end (if you head straight on, follow the path around to the left and you'll arrive at the pool). Stay under the water for a few second to extinguish the elementals who have followed you in, then climb out. Nearby is a large jar. Drag it around the corner and along the well-worn path, which will open the sealed gate. Inside is the second half of the coin. Nearby, there's another wooden barrier, with some shotguns shells hidden inside.

Head back through to the room where the fire elementals appeared. Here, in the normal demo, there'd be a recess in the wall to put the complete coin. Not so here. Vent your fury by blast the priceless ancient Egyptian jars to grab some more antique shotgun shells.

Up until now, it's been pretty much the same as the regular demo. But now it's the extended section, so go back into the main room of the library. Either go back across and retrace your steps back down to the lower part of the main room, or just take a flying leap off the balcony.

Once down, face the big blue gates at the end and head to the third doors on the right. In here, there's corridor winding itself around to another room.

On the way, there's a wooden fence hiding a laser sight (as if you don't already have one).

In the chamber at the end is the recess for the coin, but you'll have to take out a skeleton first. Go through the opened gate and up the pole. Two gates lead off from this room. One leads into the fire element room, but this is sealed. The second one will open as you approach it, but it shuts again after you pass through. On the right is a wooden panel hiding some shotguns shells.

Opposite is a room with two vases and raised platforms on either side. Grab the torch lying on the floor and then stand on one of the raised sections to ignite a fire on one of the vases. Light the torch, then continue onwards down the steps and around the corner. After the gate, there's a new room. Throw the torch on to the wooden floor to burn it, then shoot it with your gun to break it open. Up on the wall is a passageway leading back to the main library. Climb up here if you want to open the second balcony door on the right, as seen from your starting position. If not, drop through the hole

Down below is a room full of scrolls. Climb up on to the ledge to go through the passage. Open the doors to go back to the main library (what a surprise!). There are some other closed doors around the room. Stand in front of each of these, with your back to the door, and press X to teleport behind the door. You can now open each one, but there's not a lot to see. You can also run and jump at the side of the main gates to glitch your way through, or just jump up to the ledge on the left-hand side, which will automatically open them. Going through the gates doesn't really do anything as it does in the main game, so that's no way out of here.

Behind you is a pole going down to a lower level. Use this to drop down and use the revolver to take out the skeleton with a headshot. The gate is locked, though.

Access Code

The CWCheat code is as follows;

_C0 TR4 Demo Alt. Level
_L 301FFEDD 0054
_L 301FFEDE 0049
_L 301FFEDF 0054
_L 301FFEE0 004C
_L 301FFEE1 0045
_L 301FFEE2 002E
_L 301FFEE3 0050
_L 301FFEE4 0053
_L 301FFEE5 0058
_L 301FFEE6 0000
_L 301FFEE7 0000

You may be able to convert this into a Gameshark, but I had no luck when using it with an emulator. With this code, you do not have to swap the files over.


Gh0stBlade's Extended Demo Video (YouTube)
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