Tomb Raider 3 Playstation Demo (PSX)


Lara is in a cell in Area 51, with the door locked and an MP outside. Go to the window and climb up to fetch the small medipak. This will set off the alarm and the guard will come in to attack you. Dodge past him and run out of the cell, turning left and heading down to the other end of the corridor. Take a left into the armoury, where the guard will not pursue you. Pick up the pistols and go back out to kill the guard. Hit the switch on the wall to raise the gate and crawl through.

Pull up on to a ledge to find a number of items: a rocket, shotgun shells, a large medipak, a box of flares and one small medipak. Crawl through to the next part and time it so that the lasers are just passing to the right, then stand up and run to the left. Stand up to retrieve a large medipak. Crawl back down and up the other side, evading the lasers and pulling up on to another ledge. Crawl through and kill the guard, then hit the switch on the wall. This allows a prisoner to escape from his cell, but he is of no threat to Lara, so donít kill him.

In the cell, a small medipak is located behind the door. Go back out and along the corridor, but do not go to the end as there is a gun turret, triggered by lasers. Instead, use the crawlspace on the right. In here, there is a pair of pistols, and some flares. Go on through the next crawlspace and past the gun turret on the left. Proceed up the ramp and around to the left. Kill the MP at the far end of the corridor and move around the corner to where the switch is on the wall. Throw the switch and Lara will fall through a trapdoor. Outside, there is at least one guard: kill him and collect the shotgun and shells, plus a rocket. In the middle of the area, there is a sunken walkway, near to where the shotgun is located. Find the switch and operate it to allow a grate to open on the next level down. Go around to the left and part of the floor will fall away in the far corner, allowing Lara to drop down. Go back along the corridor so that Lara is underneath the switch. If she is facing the wall with the switch, there is a crawlspace to her left with a small medipak. To her right is another crawlspace, which has two sections off of it. Use a flare to find a rocket and some shotgun shells. Keep on crawling to the end and go to the right to find a small medipak.

Locate the trapdoor and arm Lara with her pistols, then drop through to kill the guard. Ahead is a T-junction, but go in the opposite direction and around to a wall switch. This releases another prisoner and there is a large medipak in his cell. Kill the MP that appears and head back to where Lara dropped down. On the left is another crawlspace. Use this to get past the gun turrets covering the main T-junction. Destroy the gun turret if need be, then kill the guard. At the bottom of the ramp is a switch to operate one of the gates in the nearby rooms. Throw this and the one at the opposite end of the passage, killing the guard lurking there. Go back to the room off of the centre, but be prepared for two goons that appear as the doors ahead suddenly slam shut. Kill the two guards and steal a small medipak from one of them.

Use the switch in the left-hand room to open a small crawlspace at the opposite end of the room. Go through here, then turn left*. Lara will emerge at the bottom of a long ramp. Shoot the guard as he comes running down the slope and turn left at the top. Keep going left to find the rocket launcher, then keep going to find a large room filled with missiles, a moving crane and a gun turret. Destroy the latter, then head back towards the ramp, carrying on past it to a large room with a guard located on a ramp opposite. Kill him and drop down to the bottom of the main missile silo, moving across the ladder on the opposite side. Climb up to retrieve the Code Clearance Disk from the dead guard. Above you is a gate blocking further progression to the top of this room.

Go back down and to the room with the moving crane. Drop down and use the computer beneath the destroyed gun turret. This will lift up a missile in the middle of the room, allowing Lara to run and jump off the platform just below the moving crane. Grab on to the ladder on the opposite wall and climb to the top. Do a backflip on to the floor and move to the middle of the room. There are two long gaps in the floor, but you can only jump over these by aligning Lara with the small arches in the ceiling. Once Lara is on the middle part, a guard will appear from the right-hand corner and start shooting. Kill him and jump across to retrieve the Hangar Access Key. Climb back down and retrieve the shotgun shells on the raised platform by the crane, then head back to the main missile silo.

Instead of climbing the ladder, go straight through the passage, ignoring the ladder down the floor below. Go around to the right and use the Hangar Access Key. Go through and kill the guard, then drop down beside the train. Do not go underneath the track or touch the rails, as Lara will die instantly. Instead, go to the left and climb up the grating at the end. Throw the switch to turn on the train lights. Go back down and back to the train. There is a small crawlspace running under the track, with a ladder on the other side. At the top is a short passage, with some shotgun shells at the end. Jump across on to the roof of the train and walk carefully along, then pull up into the passageway above. You can walk across the first set of grills on the floor, but use the ceiling to get over the second set. Go right to the end and drop down in the far left-hand corner.

Do a running jump over the tracks and kill the guard before he raises the alarm. Drop down beside the track to find a rocket and some shotgun shells. Climb back out and go up the ramp and into the passage that runs around the saucer room. Destroy two gun turrets, noting the sealed doors of the room with the spaceship as you pass by. Climb over the crates and enter a large room with some guards and two gun turrets. Destroy these and climb up on to the platform in the middle. Go to the left and jump on to the gantry. There is a timed switch which will open some of the doors opposite. Throw it, then run around to jump back on to the central platform. Run across to the opposite side and jump on to the second gantry. Throw the second timed switch on the wall, then sprint for the exit, ignoring the guards if you can. In the next room, throw the five switches to open the doors to the saucer room. Kill the MP that appears, then head back out of the newly opened doors. You can kill the guards in the other room if you want, but it may be easier to head for the exit. Climb back over the crates and enter the saucer room.

Underneath the spaceship are a box of shotgun shells and a rocket. Take a look at the grey alien in the side room if you want, but head on to the ladder on the right-hand side of the room. Throw the switch at the bottom to allow access to the upper section of the room. Climb up and backflip on to the gantry. Carefully jump across and drop down on the gantry in the middle of the room. Drop on to the top of the saucer to retrieve the K1 card. Drop off of the spaceship and head out. Unlike the main game, the bottom of the saucer is not open in the demo.

Go all the way back to the main missile silo, but going down the ladder to the lower level this time. Throw the door switch and go through the room below the missile. On the other side, use the K1 card to open the protective hatch on the switch. Throw this to ignite the missileís engines, then run like hell into the next room. If Lara is still alive, there are two rockets to pick up. Head back through and go up to the main silo. Lara can now climb up to the top. Kill the guard and jump across to retrieve the large medipak from an adjacent gantry.

Operate the switch at the top and go through the door. There is a crawlspace with a rotating laser running up and down. Wait until it is moving away before crawling out and jumping up to grab the ceiling. Swing to the far end and drop down, crawling through to evade the lasers again. Straight ahead are some grenades to be collected, then head right down a slope. Go around to the left and climb up. Kill the guard as he comes down and then shoot the MP in the tower at the top.

This seems to be the end of the level. You can try and jump from the top of the tower over the high fence, but the game abruptly ends there. There is a small gap below the fence, filled with water, but Lara cannot fit through here. There is also a trap door near the tower, but it is unknown how this opens**. There does not seem to be a switch anywhere nearby to operate it, and weapons have no effect.

Hidden Areas

* - There is a crawlspace going straight ahead of Lara, but it is only accessible by using the flying cheat. It is unclear as to what is up there, but Lara does not seem to be able to progress beyond a small platform. Her movements are severely restricted and only the ramp below is visible in first-person view.

** - Is there a way to open this trapdoor? In the final game, this leads back to the saucer room, although it seems blocked off in this version.


Hold R2 and press L1 + X + Square to make Lara fly (or swim in the air, to be more accurate). She will also be invulnerable. Press R1 to bring her back to Earth.


After seeing a few videos on Youtube saying that that all weapons could be accessed (but the individual neglecting to say exactly how he/she did this), I decided to look into this further. There are Gamebuster codes on GSHI (see link below) for the German version, but these are not so easy to work with, especially on the PSP. So, using Majestic Porter 3.5 to decrypt the codes and converting them to CWCheat (although the following are for the PAL version - you need to know the offset to convert them to NTSC), we can see what is available.

All Weapons (0x800A507C 0x0000000C)

Here, you can see the expanded inventory. Compared to the menu above, where Lara has just collected her pistols from the Armoury, it is far more comprehensive.

Here's the shotgun, albeit without ammo. There is ammunition for this and the rocket launcher in the next part of this level.

The Desert Eagles, although they do not render quite right in the demo.

The obligatory Uzis. Where would Lara be without them? Well, they're not much use here without some magazines, which do not seem to be available in the demo.

The M16 dropped by many an Area 51 guard and unavailable to our heroine in the normal course of this demo.

The rocket launcher. Vastly overpowered for this demo.

Grenade launcher. Another weapon that causes massive damage.

The harpoon gun. DON'T EQUIP THIS!!! Lara will get stuck in a strange animation where, although you can move, you cannot use any weapons or pick anything up. Reset the level or game to get back to normal.

All Items (0x800A5110 0x00000009)

The expanded items inventory, with the Tower Access Key already available.

Code Clearance Disk, another essential item needed in order to progress.

The second Code Clearance Disk.

Hangar Access Key to allow access to the saucer and alien autopsy room.

K1 access card.

K2 access card? Not used in the demo.

K3 access card? Again, unused here.

Launch Pass Code card, needed to launch the missile and allow Lara to escape.

P1, an orange cube which does not render correctly here. In the final game, P1 is a part of High Security Compound.

Spider Lara (0x800A57ea 0x00000001)

Ahh, this old code is almost mandatory for any Tomb Raider game. A little obsolete with the Fly cheat and all, but still fun.

As usual, this FAQ/Walkthrough/Guide is Copyright Edward Kirk 2009-2011.

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