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Tech Demo
Tuesday, 8 February 2022
Gotham City Mysteries: Building On Fire

This game continues to surprise. On Day 3, the entire city of Gotham gets frozen by one of the game's main villain. Yet, there are still thugs running around and enemy vehicle snapping at your heels. Finding and acting on clues can be far more difficult at this stage of the game.

Parked police cars and warning lights are one way to locate said clues. The barriers in front on the cafe in the picture above have flashing red lights attached to them, easily drawing your attention as you drive past. But the burning building is something else. For all the explosions, bombs and whatnot in the game, this seems to be a rare event. You can't get near to the fire itself, and even with the jet boots there's not much more to see.

It's a clever way of diverting your attention away from fighting the gangs and back to some detective work. Still, it's a shame you have to deal with that timer.


Posted by zenade at 5:51 AM EST
Updated: Tuesday, 8 February 2022 10:05 AM EST
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