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Thursday, 3 February 2022
Gotham City Mysteries: Glitterati Area

Just opposite the Glitterati jewellery store is a curious area. It reminds me a bit of the stash of power-ups immediately outside the train station. There are a number of features that identify this place as somewhat unique. The first is a ramp down to an entrance. Your vehicle can’t get past the barrier, but you can get there on foot. Trying to operate the shutter doesn’t do anything.

Nearby is a panel for Bell’s Laser Alarms, which are used in the Glitterati store. Along the street a bit is a billboard, which shows an ad for city’s botanical gardens. This is one of Poison Ivy’s lairs.

Immediately next to the ramp is a door. You can get inside, and you’ll find a very rare area covering three floors. There’s a window at the end that you can break in order to get out on to a ledge to fetch a power-up.

Above this door are three emblems on the side of the building. Obviously a face of some kind, but it’s unclear as to whom it may be. Mister Freeze, perhaps? I don’t recall seeing these anywhere else in the city. Could this be the location of the Ritz mentioned in an earlier post?

Posted by zenade at 3:13 PM EST
Updated: Thursday, 3 February 2022 3:22 PM EST
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