The Lost Worlds of the Titan A.E. Game Ebook

The film Titan A.E. was released on 16 June 2000 and made only $22 million of its estimated $75 million budget back by late July of that year. As such, the Playstation game’s development was cancelled around the 26 July 2000. According the the game’s developer, Philip Oliver, poor box office performance, high production costs and poor marketing were behind the game’s demise (Eurogamer 2000).

A number of people have looked at the game's demo over the years, including Hacc, Fiber and John Doom. Extra levels, debug menus and other content has been made playable through their work.

I took a look at this game a few years ago and uncovered even more content, including ships and characters. As you can see above, Akima is now playable. She was to be the second character in the retail version of the game, but was not normally available in the demo.

New levels have also been uncovered, such as Drifter Colony Houston. Detailing the development of this game, this ebook provides exclusive codes for accessing this hidden content. It also uses information from a range of sources to recontruct how the final game may have looked.

Due to copyright, there are no screenshots in the ebook.

All proceeds from this book go back into maintaiining this website.

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