Seed Weapons

In the two demos, the player has access to three weapons. These are selected by using the number keys. The official website had this to say:

This is a hand-weapon which is fixed to the player’s right hand. The tentacles holding the gun have in several spots grown into the player’s arm and body. The S shaped weapon is actually a two-barreled gun. The two parts of the weapon fulfill different functions. The barrel of the active weapon always points forward. When switching weapons, the S shaped part revolves once and the rear section will point forward and function as the active weapon. The revolving section is used in close combat and as a defense weapon which is activated when its spin is speeded up. When the spinning is extremely fast, the barrels and the sharp spikes around its edge grow longer and the weapon becomes a highly effective combat weapon.

The weapon thus incorporates three different combat arms, and the player can choose the most effective of the three for the given situation.

These three weapons are the following:

Only a single type of missile, tiny nail shaped projectiles, can be fired with the nailgun.

The thrower enables the player to fire larger combat missiles and various other objects.

In close combat the player uses the S shaped spinning part of the weapon which begins to spin after pressing the switch weapon button.

This is the default weapon, which fires green bullets. It seems to have infinite ammo.

The second one is a flamethrower. You have to collect fuel first in order to use it, which are contained in these flasks. This is far more effective against enemies than the gun.

Final weapon is a grenade launcher. Ammo needs to be collected by walking over these red lights. The grenades kill enemies with one hit.

Here is either an alternative weapon or an earlier version. Looks far less organic and alien that the one in the demo.

This seems to be missing from the demo. As the blurb says about, it is a spinning blade used for close quarter combat.

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