A FPS/platformer combo, this game first appeared in 1999. It was developed by Human Soft, but never made it past the demo stage. We have two builds available, basically a year apart. The first is from August 1999 and features just two maps from the Factory level. Being a very early version, it only features two of the proposed enemies for the final game.

The second build is from August 2000 and has a much-expanded Factory level. The Readme file says: "Factory level 1 is more complex and contains far more platform game type elements. Here, there are opportunities to practice your skill as you jump around on various platforms. To be successful, this might take some practice." Each map is linked by a series of teleporters, but the level seems incomplete in some parts, making full progression very difficult if not impossible. More on that in a while.

Two further levels exist, very much smaller in size. The first, the Catacoombs, features tunnels and caves. It is a single map and, after battling your way through, finishes with a dead end. In contrast, the Tree level is comprised of two maps linked by teleport beams, but it is basically a loop. As detailed on the official Human Soft website, there are indoor and outdoor environments although these are very alien. Don't expect rolling meadows and sunshine.

Enemies consist of a giant mosquito mech called a Longtailson (as identified in the .exe and the game files) and a frog-like creature by the name of Ballootbiter. The former stings you and can kill you with one hit if you're not paying attention. As its name suggests, the Ballootbiter chomps away at you. It wanders about on the ground, attacking only if you get too close. There are two other enemies. One is Lanternhead, mentioned in the .exe but missing from the game files. The second does not have a name, but can be seen in the test level. It's a giant humanoid lizard with a chainsaw on one arm. It lacks animation or AI, only rotating on the spot. Related to this, the official site said, "Huge enemies characterize the game. Typically, five times the size of the main character."

So we have a game with levels and enemies, albeit incomplete. However, you can actually progress to most parts of the existing game, using the testseed.exe. Like it says on the tin, this is a debug version of the main game. It opens up on the test level, which has two rooms and some stuff scattered around the place, plus the aforementioned static enemy. But if you press F9, you get the main game menu. From here, you access the Factory and other two levels.

Best place to start is the Factory Intersection, where you can get to the various parts of this level. If you reach an impassable or difficult section, press Shift and F to enable the hover mode. You can then move about as you please. You are invulnerable to enemies whilst in this mode, although some environmental hazards like lava and large tunnel fans will still kill you. You can also become trapped in some sections, where the doors do not open. F8 shifts to third-person view, which may make traversing the level easier. F11 enables the debug information display. F12 will save a .RAW and .BIF file. You need to create a folder called "shot" in the root directory of the demo. The .RAW file can be opened in Irfanview using the Format plugins. Use the screen resolution (usually 640x480) and 24BPP. More cheats may exist and remain undiscovered. Oh, and don't use Esc or you will exit the game.

Three weapons are available, two of which only work with the necessary ammo. One fires projectiles, while a second is a flamethrower. A third fires grenades. According to the official website, there is also a buzzsaw of some kind. This may need some sort of power-up too.

There is a plot: "Coming from the subjugated population of the planet, the hero's mission is to destroy the wicked Seed. He is a renowned warrior who has fought many battles. He has to take on, single-handed, Seed's entire empire. While completing this, the hero has only one weapon, captured from the enemy." Given this story, it is not surprising that the game has a wonderfully oppressive atmosphere.

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