Assorted Enemies

These are the known assailants in the Seed demo.

Nasty. You usually encounter three or four of these buzzing around a level, and each one is potentially lethal. They are very aggressive and have been known to ambush you. Despite their name, their main weapon is their proboscis, which they use to impale your character. They take quite a bit of damage too.

If the Longtailson is akin to a mosquito, this is the equivalent of a cow. Now that may not sound so bad, but these critters can take a big bite out of your health if you get too close. Left alone, they'll just wander aimlessly around the level.

Given that chainsaw, this dude would have been quite formidable. He can been seen in the default level of the test version of the game.

This rather lurid entity can be seen near the end of the Catacoombs level. It is basically an eyeball on a stalk, attached to a small body. It does move but lacks any attack. Is this the Lanternhead mentioned in the game's coding?

Not sure if this is an actual enemy, but it does move. It is right at the end of the Catacoombs level, lurking over the pit that probably had a teleporter in the final game. Some kind of guardian?

The first enemy seen in a screenshot of a level not in the demos. It seems to be a giant bird of some kind. The flames around its head are probably from the flamethrower, rather than any attack of the creature itself.

These pair seem to be on the factory level. Both looks nasty.

A flying enemy that looks a little like something out of Doom.

An article in Game Developer in July 1998 said that Seed "includes shadows that transform in monsters, characters that can be seen only in certain types of light, and puzzles players solve by aligning shadows with solid objects."

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