Unused Space Levels

The console and PC versions of SWBII had a range of space levels, but the PSP was left with just two, Yavin and Kashyyyk. Each one was for just a single era of the Star Wars universe. But there was 9 files in total in the relevant PSP game folder. So what are these other files? Before looking at these, I conducted a search through the game's coding, which has a list of the game's levels and mission details. Combining these two separate sources, the following seems to be a preliminary rota of the levels and their respective files:

spa1 - Yavin - The Rebel Alliance fights back an Imperial Star Destroyer over Yavin 4.
spa2 - Coruscant - Republic and Separatist forces battle in low orbit over Coruscant.
spa3 - Kashyyyk - The battle for the Wookiee homeland, Kashyyyk, rages on in space.
spa4 - Mustafar - The forces of Gizor Dellso and the Empire clash over Mustafar.
spa5 - Kamino
spa6 - Mygeeto - Republic and Separatist capital ships battle over the war-torn planet of Mygeeto.
spa7 - Felucia - Republic and Separatist fleets contest for domination over Felucia's orbit.
spa8 - Hoth - Above the Rebel base on Hoth, a small Rebel force prepares to stand against the Empire.
spa9 - Tatooine - Imperial and Alliance forces engage in combat over the spaceport world of Tatooine.

These are backed up by some mentions of the planets in the respective level files. Between Mustafar and Mygeeto is SPACE5 on the level listing, which has the name Kamino in its coding and no other planet's name.

The spa_sky.lvl file mentions:


Was there another one for the Death Star level, named spa15_sky? Anyway, if this list is to be believed, there were originally far more space levels planned for the PSP release. Why the final version only ended up with 2 is unknown. A mystery, just like the omission of some of the ground levels.

Okay, so what about the residual files? Having checked all 7 of the unused files, all load. However, there is no floor in the hangars, so the characters plummet down into the abyss. To fix this, the mission.lvl file needs to be edited to include a character with a jetpack. Replacing the Kashyyyk level Republic pilot with Boba Fett worked, but it also required changes to the original base ship, dome ships and other elements. But at least it allowed some of these levels to be explored.

Back to the main list of space levels, here are the level maps and the relevant planets:

spa2 - Coruscant - This level is not accessible even with the PS2 shell.lvl file, as it lacks any spawn points.

Star Wars Battlefront II (PSP) Unused Mustafar... by dr_kirk

spa4 - Mustafar - There is a command centre present on Imperial ship but not on the Rebel ship. The three doors lead into empty space and there is no landing bay floor. No other troops or fighters present in the Galactica Civil War levels. For the Clone Wars Space, the command centre is present on the Republic ship but not its CIS counterpart, although three doors lead into empty space again. The CIS capital ship bay has fighters, but the Republic side does not. No landing bay floors on either ship.

Star Wars Battlefront II (PSP) Unused Kamino... by dr_kirk

spa5 - Kamino - This level has no landing bay floors or command centres on any of the capital ships. Only the Imperial Star Destroyer has any fighters or shuttles.

spa6 - Mygeeto - Only the CIS ship has a command centre, and there are no landing bay floors on either capital ship.

Star Wars Battlefront II (PSP) Unused Felucia... by dr_kirk

spa7 - Felucia - No landing bay floors on either ship, but you can immediately jump into transport ships if you're lucky. You cannot land in any bays once you have taken off. There are no command centres. If you fly near to the enemy capital ships, you encounter intense fire. The CIS transport has three extra camera angles, which can be used to move camera around ship. Is this a debug camera? Imperial Star Destroyers can be seen in the background of the Clone Wars space assault. CTF has a control room for either side, with at least two spawn points for the level.

spa8 - Hoth - Bot ships have command centres, but backgrounds glitchy on the Rebel ship. No landing bay floors.

Star Wars Battlefront II (PSP) Unused Tatooine... by dr_kirk

spa9 - Tatooine - The Imperial ship has a command centre and two of adjacent rooms accessible. Rebel ship also has a command centre with all three connecting rooms, making it the most complete version of the capital ship interior. No landing bay floors. There is only a partial model of the Rebel capital ship, but there are lots of debris around the ship. Was this a severely damaged spacecraft, or just an incomplete model? Gun turrets are located on some of the debris. The lighting is very strange on this level, especially with the planet looming overhead, giving it very sinister atmosphere.

On many levels, there are other ships cruising around, often sliding right through the main ships. This may be because they seem to be the ones seen circling the main battlefield in the main game.

If you use the PS2 shell.lvl file in the PSP game, you get access to all levels except Coruscant and Mustafar. These two can be accessed using the file swap method or by CwCheat codes, but only the latter has any spawn points.


Unused Capital Ship Interiors
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