PS2 Beta

A beta version of the game has been floating around the net for some time, which is really a multiplayer demo. Using the shell.lvl from this version, you can play a slightly altered game on the PSP. The loading screens are different to the PSP version.

Strangely enough, the online connection works, even though it's a different system. In the PSP version, you cannot access the MP version without an actual connection, but the game doesn't seem to care here.

Obviously, there're the options to join an existing game, or to create your own. I haven't been able to test the former, but the latter works fine.

Three maps are available, although only Utapau and Tantive IV load in this hacked version. The game has the other space levels in its content, though.

You get a number of options to change before you load the game itself.

Some levels like Kashyyyk Space will hang on this loading screen.

Each level has Conquest and CTF for both eras, although the space level is just Clone Wars.

You don't get a choice in which side you play, as the auto assign option is the only one available. The Spectate option has a few camera angles, but with no players available, it is of limited use. You can watch the AI battle, though.

So this beta/demo is of interest, but does not offer anything that is not in the mod of the PSP game.

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