Unused Characters

The second Battlefront game has a long history of mods, including reactivating unused characters. But the PSP version has had limited success in this area. Broadus' mod allowed a number of characters to be available to the player. But even after all this time, there are still unused NPC's.

Hero Characters

In the first Star Wars film, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo adorned disguises to infiltrate the Death Star to rescue Princess Leia. Here, Luke's character is playable, complete with Hero stats.

The same goes for Solo.

A remnant of the Campaign mode from the console versions, this variant of Anakin Skywalker is playable, unlike the Naboo Queen.

A curiosity, this seems to be a clone of Mace Windu. The name listed in the game's coding is rep_hero_macewindu_obi, so it may be just a placeholder character.

Other Characters

A character armed with a dual-blade lightsabre, this Sith Lord is on the same team as the Jedi. He's a clone of Darth Maul, sans Hero status.

The Jedi Temple guard was a character that Broadus had problems loading on the Hunt levels, but he is playable on regular levels.

The same as above, but a Vanguard class character.

Yet another remnant of the Campaign mode, this time the Geonosian who tried to resurrect the droid army to fight against the Empire. Gizor Delso was hidden in the GEO folder, under a slightly different name to the regular Geonosian. Being a boss, he seems to have higher stats compared to other characters. Maybe not Hero level, but pretty good considering. He's only got one weapon, but it's different to the sonic blaster favoured by others of his race in the game. Called the Bulldog Rocket Launching Rifle, it fires rockets. Nasty. As with other Geonosians, Gizor can fly.

The Acklay was another unused character. I managed to get a whole swarm of these aliens to load on both the Rhen Var and Mygeeto levels. To have these monsters running around the level did not slow the game up at all, although they may change shape if there are too many onscreen at one time, or they are viewed from a long distance. This beast has no ranged attacks, but can take out a droideka with one swipe. It takes quite a bit of punishment as well. Turn your SWBF II level into Starship Troopers!


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