Capital Ship Interiors

Unlike the two available space levels, the deleted missions often include the interiors of the capital ships other than the launch bays. These tend to have a central hub, with various other sections leading off from it. In space assault missions, your side would infiltrate the enemy ship and destroy any and all of these. Although the different capital ships vary, they have a common layout. Here's a guided tour, using the material from the available PSp space levels.

The main area, with the auto-defense mainframe. These protect the ship from enemy ships, fighters and bombers. Take out these systems and the spacecraft is defenceless.

Around the room are various control panels, allowing the player to manually access the ship's guns and turrets. In some of the deleted space missions, these are the only way to attack the enemy. The types and locations of the guns vary.

Off the main hub is the shield generator, a primary target for the enemy forces.

However, it is easy to fall off the narrow walkway and get chopped up in the rotating fan below.

Another room has the engine cooling system. Taking this out does not affect the game as such, but would give you a lot of bonus points.

Another room has control panels and a couple of other hatches, although these do not work.

Also here is the life support systems, another sourse of bonus points.

There are other control panels and equipment to attack or use. In most of the deleted levels, the main floor of the landing bays are missing, so many of the spawning troops rush out to the ships and fall off into a bottomless void.

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