Star Wars Battlefront II (PSP)

This used to be a single page, but after a lot of investigation, it seems that there was still a lot more to the PSP version of the game, even after the multitude of unused characters and levels uncovered in Broadus' famous mod of SWBFII.

This mini-site details these levels and characters, as well as others since uncovered in the game. All bar one of the ground levels were found by Broadus. Some of the characters like the Acklay and Temple Guards were mentioned by him too in his mod's Readme file. However, I have uncovered some other characters like the Sith Lord and the Stormtrooper versions of Han Solo and Luke Skywalker in the PSP version. Likewise, I have taken to uncovering the unused space levels, of which two at the moment are at least playable in some form.

Unused Characters

Unused Ground Levels

Unused Space Levels

Unused Campaign Levels

One further mod that can be used is the PS2 game, where the shell.lvl can be used to access many of the deleted levels without the need for Broadus' mod. It is very limited in comparison, though. Another source is the beta/demo PS2 game, which has only multiplayer options.


Mod Using PS2 Beta Version
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