Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron (PSP)

This game, like its predecessor Renegade Squadron, was famous for its hacks, with lightsabre-wielding droids causing havoc in online games. But unlike Battlefront or Battlefront II, there are no mods to speak of. Customisation of the characters and weapons have been the nearest thing, done through the usual CWCheat codes.

However, there are other ways of mucking about with the game. The old file-swapping trick has brought many a secret to light, and it was the method used to uncover the unused ships below. By taking some of the files from the Campaign folder and combining them with their equivalents in the Prequel or Classic folders, some strange things have emerged ...

The ARC 170 fighter, previously only playable in Campaign mode, is now selectable on the main menu. Note the information about the bomber vehicles. SWBES is infamous for its lack of spacecraft, usually numbering all of two ships per era, plus the odd Hero craft. This suggests that a third class of ship was planned, but seemingly dropped.

To back up this theory, another bomber has come to light, this time in the Classic Era. The Y-Wing is playable, with a relevant entry on the menu screen.

The bad guys also get their own ships. The TIE Bomber makes a return in the Classic Era.

The Belbullab-22 starfighter is the CIS equivalent in the Prequel Era. All ships have laser cannons and bombs/torpedos, as well as the ability to fly between space and the surface levels of a particular world.

Of course, there are problems with all this. The ships can only be found on certain levels. Due to the messing about with files, other parts of the level may not work or be available at all. You may be able to spawn on a capital ship, but you cannot move. Or you only get a starship menu on the ground level, and the only way to get down there is via an escape pod. Often, there is only one capital ship, which you cannot land on or shoot.

With all that in mind, here's a rundown on how to get the four bombers:

ARC 170 and Belbullab-22 starfighters - Cato Neimodia level (Prequel). This mod is the best one, with 3 fighters for both sides (excluding Hero ships). There is only the Republic capital ship in the space section. You cannot spawn on the ground section, and there's no landing on the capital ship. Interior levels are selectable, with only regular ships available to fly from the hanger.

Y-Wing - Mustafar level (Classic). Y-Wing ships are playable in addition to the X-Wing on the Alliance side, but the Empire only has the usual TIE fighters available. There is only the one Imperial capital ship. Players can spawn on the capital ships but cannot move. There is no spawning on the ground section, with only the fighter menu showing up.

TIE Bomber - Yavin level (Classic). This is the better mod, with both the Y-wing and TIE bomber selectable in space (along with the X-Wing and TIE fighter). Only one capital ship (Imperial) is present and there's no movement in the interior sections.

So, how to do all this? What you need are the SP, CM and GR files from the relevant Campaign folder, and the IN and HV files from the relevant era folder. Get the wrong folder and the level will not load. Somehow, by combining these different sets of files, these other ships become available. Don't ask me, I only work here! Rather than muck around with the main game, you could get the demo and replace the levels in that, renaming the relevant fields from the full game to that of those in the demo folders. The demo only has 4 files, while you need to have all 5 for the mod to work. Have fun!

If you use the Classic Yavin GR file instead of the Campaign file for the third mod mentioned above, you can then fly down to the surface. However, if you die, you're stuck on the surface with no way off-planet, so you'd have to restart the mission.


This game has a folder with files for the Death Star level, but set in the Prequel Era. Obviously, the space station didnít exist in that time period, so this might be one reason why the level wasnít finished.

I got the level working by combining some of the Classic Era level files with the Prequel ones:





You can now load up the level and select either CIS or Republic troops. But as with the other mods for this game, thereís a cost.

First, thereíre no space ships. You can spawn in space, but itís like a FPS. You can attack either the Rebel or Imperial capital ships. You can also land on said craft, or make your way down to the Death Star surface.

But once on the ground, there are no ships to fly back into space. You can spawn on the capital ships too, but thereís no way to get off. Even the escape pods donít work.

If youíre happy with ground fighting, thereís an intense battle to be fought. But then another problem pops up: the Hero option. Due to the mixing of files, the presence of either sideís Hero character crashes the game. This has been a nuisance for some time. But having looked at Instant Hero codes, I thought I saw how to find the relevant addresses:

_S NPEH-90016
_G Star Wars ES Demo
_L 0x00562362 0x0000000B
_L 0x00562366 0x0000000B

Iím not sure which is which, but that doesnít really matter. You donít want the Hero characters on either side. Oh, by the way, your sideís Hero does work if you are on the capital ships, but itís like a FPS due to the lack of character models. And thereís no point as you canít fight the enemy at all, besides using the ion cannon.

So with a file mode and codes, you can finally use Prequel Era forces on the Death Star. To save time and space, you can use the game's demo and rename the files to TTNE*.*. Make sure you put them in the Prequel Era folder.

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