Unused/Beta Models

Poking about the Ships folders, I came across some files which weren't listed in any of the main level files. Swapping the _1shul.gmo and _1shulpsp.fission for the Vulcan Shuttle counterparts, I managed to load a shuttle from the original TV show, albeit without textures. It is somewhat jittery, but it does move and weapons can be added. Mission 90_1 ("Hello!") lists a shuttle in its ship inventory. As none of the other levels have this, including those using the Vulcan Shuttle, it may be that this level included this ship. Unfortunately, this level does not load anything other than a void, with no visible ship. The ingame text is identical to the training mission, so no clues there.

The Planet Killer from The Doomsday Machine!!! It's not to the correct scale, though.

Untextured model of the Cargo Management Unit ("Work Bee") from Star Trek The Motion Picture.

Another craft, the Travel Pod, from Star Trek The Motion Picture. Problem with this one is that the game camera is too close to the model, making it difficult to use in the game. This can be fixed by using the _1shulpsp.fission file instead of the _2shulpsp.fission.

Some sort of asteroid, much like the Romulan Starbase. It's identified as _2fedsbl, which suggests it's Federation. Resembles the asteroid from For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky.

A planet or moon, obviously not in scale with the Starbase and other ships. Having said that, none of the planets in the game are. But this planet moves ...

Other than another Vulcan Shuttle model (untextured), the rest of the files are either parts of the playable ships or unused planets. I will look at the latter if I get time. Oh, and the ships can be added to the ShipData.txt file, if relevant information is copied from another ship (I used the USS Essex info, then changed the texture and model file names to the relevant ones, and, finally, added a new number at the beginning of this new entry (e.g. USS Essex is 1, The Northhampton is 2, etc.))

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