Custom Skirmish Missions

You can add as many custom missions as you want, so long as you number them correctly. First off, you need a Skimish Level Select code. The values are between 0 and 4, so you should be able to find the address by selecting the different Skirmish levels at the menu. As usual, the code I've concocted is for a version with the AI Mode enabled: 0x0153D734 0x00000000 (although I've found this to change if other levels are added: if it doesn't work, run a search again using the different Skirmish levels). By changing the value to 5, you can select a sixth level of your own making. How to do this? First, extract the four SK_1_0_EN_ files from the game, then open the SK_1_0_EN_Global.xml. Change the values of the asteroids or planets to include whatever you want. Don't like the look of that planet? Include a brighter one. Want some additional hazards? Include a Romulan space station in place of one of the asteroids. You need to make sure only the first six asteroid/planet values are changed, as the rest do not seem to be included in the level. Save the changes, then rename all four file to SK_6_0_EN_*.* (basically, change the 1 to a 6), then reintegrate them into the game. Use the corresponding Skimish Level Select code value (i.e. 5) to load the mission. Obviously, the main mission levels can be edited in a similar way and added to the game, so long as you have the relevant Mission Select code for either the Federation or Klingon campaigns.

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