Star Trek Tactical Assault Ships Database

This is a full list of the ships available in the game, with unseen names and classes. It is located in the ShipData.txt file. The odd typo has been corrected, but there are other, more glaring errors in the original file.

Race Name RoleSize
Federation USS Essex Players Frigate Frigate
Federation Northhampton Improved Frigate Frigate
Federation Hermes Drone Frigate Frigate
Federation Soyuz Commando Frigate Frigate
Federation USS Sutherland Mission 5 Frigate
Federation USS Amundsen Players Destroyer Destroyer
Federation USS Trafalger Improved Destroyer Destroyer
Federation Saladin Command Destroyer Destroyer
Federation Remora Guided Weapon Destroyer Destroyer
Federation Larson War Destroyer Destroyer
Federation USS Aldrin Players Light Cruiser Light Cruiser
Federation Constellation Improved Light Cruiser Light Cruiser
Federation Revenge Drone Cruiser Light Cruiser
Federation Reliant Command Cruiser Light Cruiser
Federation Bardiche Strike Cruiser Light Cruiser
Federation USS Jeffereson Players Heavy Cruiser Heavy Cruiser
Federation Excalibur Improved Heavy Cruiser Heavy Cruiser
Federation Excelsior Heavy Drone Cruiser Heavy Cruiser
Federation Lexington Heavy Command Cruiser Heavy Cruiser
Federation Crusader Fire Support Cruiser Heavy Cruiser
Federation USS Polaris Players Dreadnaught Dreadnaught
Federation Vidar Improved Dreadnaught Dreadnaught
Federation Bismark Battlecruiser Dreadnaught
Federation Citadel Heavy Dreadnaught Dreadnaught
Federation Asgard Battleship Dreadnaught
Klingon Saber Frigate
Klingon Little Killer Improved Frigate Frigate
Klingon FHst Sword Commando Frigate Frigate
Klingon Bird of Prey Cloaking Frigate Frigate
Klingon Small Predator Frigate Leader Frigate
Klingon Stingtongue Destroyer Destroyer
Klingon Swiftwind Improved Destroyer Destroyer
Klingon Maker of the Dead Destroyer Leader Destroyer
Klingon Fierce Hunter War Destroyer Destroyer
Klingon Burning Rage War Destroyer Leader Destroyer
Klingon Painbringer War Cruiser Light Cruiser
Klingon Hidden Blade Improved War Cruiser Light Cruiser
Klingon Final Ritual Drone War Cruiser Light Cruiser
Klingon Conquerer Command War Cruiser Light Cruiser
Klingon Death Bird Cloaking War Cruiser Light Cruiser
Klingon Bringer of Destruction Heavy Cruiser Heavy Cruiser
Klingon Wrath Improved Heavy Cruiser Heavy Cruiser
Klingon Taste of Fear Drone Heavy Cruiser Heavy Cruiser
Klingon Baneful Gaze Command Cruiser Heavy Cruiser
Klingon Heel of Oppression Battle Cruiser Heavy Cruiser
Klingon Ever-Victorious Dreadnaught Dreadnaught
Klingon Firestorm Improved Dreadnaught Dreadnaught
Klingon Throne Seeker Assault Ship Dreadnaught
Klingon Emporerer's Will Command Dreadnaught Dreadnaught
Klingon Imperial Decree Battleship Dreadnaught
Romulan Warhawk Frigate Frigate
Romulan Seahawk Battle Frigate Frigate
Romulan Goshawk Snipe Frigate
Romulan Vigilant One Destroyer Destroyer
Romulan Skyhawk Destroyer Leader Destroyer
Romulan Starglider Battle Destroyer Destroyer
Romulan FHlcon Light Cruiser Light Cruiser
Romulan Gallant Wing Assault Cruiser Light Cruiser
Romulan Whitewind Acceleration Cruiser Light Cruiser
Romulan War Eagle Heavy Cruiser Heavy Cruiser
Romulan Wind Carrier Improved Heavy Cruiser Heavy Cruiser
Romulan Nova Hawk Command Cruiser Heavy Cruiser
Romulan Stormbird Battlecruiser Dreadnaught
Romulan Condor Dreadnaught Dreadnaught
Romulan Nightwing Improved Dreadnaught Dreadnaught
Orion Bulwark Heavy Cruiser Heavy Cruiser
Orion Privateer Raider Destroyer
Gorn Gorn Light Cruiser Light Cruiser
Gorn Gorn Heavy Cruiser Heavy Cruiser
Other Transport Freighter Frigate
Other Transport with weapons Frigate
Other Freighter Frigate
Federation Science Station Station
Federation Space Station Station
Klingon Space Station Station
Federation Excelsior Heavy Cruiser
Federation Buoy Fed Frigate
Romulan Buoy Klingon Dreadnaught
Romulan Communication Array Communication Array Station
Romulan Space Station Station
Other Vulcan Ambassador Frigate

It is curious that the buoy used in the Klingon training missions is classed as a Romulan vessel (and a Dreadnaught at that!). A leftover from the exchange of technologies between the two empires as seen in the original Star Trek series.

This hidden list of ships is not completely random, though. There are nods to earlier, non-canon versions of Star Trek, including RPG's and unofficial books. Of course, it's not as simple as that, because a number of unofficial ship designs have been seen on the background monitors in some of the films, including that of the much-disputed Dreadnought..

So here's a list of what seems to be inspired by what:


Name only:

Northampton (FASA RPG)
Saladin (Starfleet Technical Manual)
Remora (FASA)
Larson (FASA)

The design of the Federation frigate was seemingly based on the USS Jupp, and was also seen in the DS9 Technical Manual.
Was the destroyer based on the Ptolemy class from the Starfleet Technical Manual?
An earlier version of the Dreadnought was seen in the Starfleet Technical Manual.


Name only:

Little Killer (FASA)
Swiftwind (FASA)
Ever-Victorious (FASA)
Throne Seeker (FASA)


Name only:

Starglider (FASA)
Stormbird (FASA)
Gallant Wing (FASA)
Whitewind (FASA)
Wind Carrier (FASA)
Nightwing (FASA)

The Romulan light cruiser resembled the Bird of Prey seen in the Enterprise TV series.


Some similarities between the Gorn ships in STTA and FASA, especially the FASA destroyer.

So, it seems the developers of STTA were fans of these earlier versions of Trek (see Star Trek Legacy as well). But with one of the writers from the original series doing the script for the game, that shouldn't be a surprise.


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