Setting.ini & Say.default.ini Files


Another source of potential hacks is the settings.ini file:

1) Start Game State - this has two options:

Combat Test - loads the first mission, which, if completed, then loads game normally from the start. This mission may be the Federation Mission 0 level, which is identical to the first training mission.


Main Menus - loads game normally.

2) Show Console - shows debug information in green (as seen in the debug cheat).

3) Use AI - set to 0 to disable all AI. Warp for own ship is disabled, though.

4) Use Human Proxy - Set to 1 to have the ship controlled by the game's AI in Skirmish mode and some missions in the main game. The AI ship will automatically select the next target, but will sometimes fly straight into planets to get at them. This option is referred to as AI Mode from this point on.

5) Unlock All Ships - option does not seem to work.

6) Override Race UI - does not seem to work.

7) Gen Scenario Reports - does not seem to work.


Yet another potential hack is the Say.default.ini file. No effect seen as yet when changing the options.

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