Mission Select Code and E3 Demo

Mission Select (AI Mode)
0x2017C1C4 0x00000000

Remember, this code is for a game where the AI function has been enabled. For Federation missions, setting the value to 0 loads a level pretty much the same as the first mission.

By setting the value to 16, the E3 Demo is now playable. It is very similar to the second mission, but with some minor changes. Setting the value to 90 loads the Federation_90_0_EN level (with the mission briefing: "Hello!"). Even if your ship is destroyed, the game still follows the battle, unlike the regular levels. Any values outside of the 0 to 17 or 90 loads a void and the game crashes. It also works for the Klingon missions, but there is only one special mission outside of the values of 1 to 16. The value of 17 returns a mission like Mission 3, but with a more powerful ship and a Klingon starbase where the Romulan communications array should be. If you want to get the Level Select code yourself, perform a difference search for each level after it has loaded, starting with the first mission.

Also of use is the Sub-level Select:

Sub-level Select (AI Mode)
0x0017C24C 0x00000000

This tends to be between the values of 0 and 3.

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