Level File Mods

By modding the individual levels, such as Federation_1_0_EN_Global.xml, you can change the values of the models (listed in ShipData.txt) to load different craft, planets or whatever, BUT YOU NEED TO DELETE THE QAR FOLDER.

Federation_90_0_EN files load a Skirmish type of level, with a free-for-all between four ships. Destroying the other ships leaves the player stranded. Loading the second part of this level leaves the player stuck in an empty starfield.

More Fun!

By editing the Federation_*_0_EN_Global files, you can change the ship model number to anything you want listed in the ShipData.txt (although not all will function). Not only that, but weapons can be added! I replaced the Player 1 Fed ship model number (1) in Federation_1_0_EN_Global with the Vulcan Shuttle number (90), and then copied phaser and photon torpedo info from the USS Essex (Ship 1) to the Vulcan Shuttle (Ship 90) in ShipData.txt. Viola! FULLY ARMED VULCAN SHUTTLE LOADED! This crashes sometimes, though!

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