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Welcome to the Star Trek Tactical Assault mini-site.

So what's it all about? Well, the game came out in 2006 and didn't really get much attention, although the Nintendo DS version won some kind of award at the E3 show that year. I only took an interest when someone posted a video on YouTube, showing a debug mode. Having deciphered how to activate this, I dug deeper into the game and found a whole load of stuff, from hidden levels to unused ships like the Doomsday Machine and various shuttles. Not to mention codes to select ships (not available on the PSP before now) and levels, as well as creating new levels or ships of your own. Please note that all CwCheat codes are for the European version of the game.

The cheats/hacks/mods expand the number of playable ships from twenty starships (five different races) to thirty-six craft, including starships, space stations and other ships (nine different races). They also allow at least three extra missions to be played.

Just when I think I've found everything, something new pops up. I'm sure there'll be more info forthcoming, so check back to see if anything else has come to light.


- The issue with the Travel Pod camera has been resolved.

- Latest mods:
A saucer-less heavy cruiser has been made via modding of two game files.
Two new variations on the Romulan Dreadnought have been added.
A Saladin/Hermes class starship has been created, the first new starship based on a licenced source (Star Trek Technical Manual).

Cheat/Debug Mode

Setting.ini and Say.default.ini Files

Ship Select Code

Mission Select Code and E3 Demo

Unused E3 Demo

Unused Klingon Level

Custom Skirmish Missions

Ship Database

Level File Mods

Ship Mods

Unused/Beta Models


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