Cheat/Debug Mode

A video on YouTube showed that a cheat/debug mode is present in the game. To access this mode, you must be playing one of the levels. Press Select to bring up the Alert menu, then press the Left and Right shoulder buttons and the Select button all together. Exit out of the Alert menu and press the Left button to bring up the Cheat Mode display. Here, you can see information such as co-ordinates, FPS and CPU usage. Certain buttons now have specific functions:

Left shoulder button - turns Cheat Mode display on and off
Right shoulder button - turns grid display on and off
D Pad - zooms in and out, and moves camera to the left or right
Triangle - pan up
X - pans down
Square - pans left
Circle - pans right
Start - cycles through the different objects and ships on that level (the D Pad and camera pan controls can be used to look at these from different angles)
Select - if used when looking at an object, it will return you to the default ship and you will have that one under your control again (this will exit Cheat Mode, but may leave the debug display info visible). If used when looking at another ship, it will allow you to fly that ship, with full use of weapons etc.

Using the Square button to move the camera to the left of the main ship ...

... and to the right.

Right shoulder button activates the grid.

The individual asteroids can be displayed and looked at from different angles.

The Select button allows you to play as enemy ships. Here, the freighter from Level 3 is being played as the main ship. Not much chance against the Klingon craft, though, as the freighter has no weapons.

The Left shoulder button toggles the menu display.

Exiting the game and returning to the main menus does not deactivate the cheat menu, with some information still being displayed.

There might be other options available for this cheat mode. However, looking at the cheats available, only the Ship Select code has not been found for the Mission Select menu, although this is listed in the game's coding along with other known cheats.

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