Unused E3 Level

This unused version of the E3 demo was incomplete, but by using some files from other levels, it has been restored. The mission briefing is the same as the E3 level, but this has nothing to do with what remains of this unused level.

Like the E3 demo, this loads a Federation starbase and a Dreadnaught. The latter patrols the area for a short time before warping off. If you try to follow, the second part of this level is just a void, probably because there are no files to load.

You can scan the area and open a channel to the starbase and the Dreadnaught, but the menu is obviously a beta. Unlike the menus seen in the E3 demo, this just seems to be placeholder text.

Using the comm does allow you to speak to another officer, who turns out to be the villain of the piece in the main game.

This text is pretty much the same as the full demo.

Another part of this level does exist, but it is the sixth part of the level. What happened to the other parts of this level is anyone's guess. Was there a much bigger E3 demo planned?

The comm and warp menus bring up the same kind of gibberish as the previous part, but you can't hail anyone, or go anywhere else from here. Once you use either of these options, the ability to use the alert menu vanishes. There's a single planet surrounded by asteroids, somewhere in Klingon space if the background is anything to go by. So, interesting, but not a lot to do or see here, just an earlier version of the full E3 demo.


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