Unused Klingon Level

This game contains a small number of unused levels, but the extra Klingon mission is of the most interest. It resembles the third level in the Klingon Campaign, but with some differences.

The briefing screen is not big enough for the following text:

"Commander, Kadir! You look well. I was told you were responsible for spearheading one of hunting expeditions that led to the slaughter of the Romulan veQ who attacked Khitomer. Very well done! We will need more bold Commanders like you if we are to do what must be done. The fires of war burn in our hearts, and the scourge of an elusive enemy make taking our blood oath of revenge that much more difficult. However, we now are ready to begin the campaign that will ignite the galaxy in flame and show the quadrant that the Klingon Empire can never be challenged. You either stand WITH us, or you won't be able to stand. Karfon is to undertake a most desperate assignment. You are charged with destroying the main communications array that the Romulans use to transmit early warning signals to their fleet. After you do this, an entire armada of Klingon warships will descend upon the ravenous birds of Romulus and devour them whole. Our success or failure may depend on your mission, Kadir. Do NOT fail us, be Klingon! K'apla!"

This text is not repeated anywhere else in the game, but does seem to be an expanded version of the Mission 3 briefing. It may be an earlier version.

Once the level loads, instead of the Bird Of Prey used in the third mission, the player controls the IKS Karfor, a Klingon Light Cruiser. This ship is not seen anywhere else in the game.

The ship has to turn on a very tight vector to escape the planet direct ahead. Beyond that, there is only the Klingon Starbase and no options for communication or scanning. You can warp immediately to the asteroid field to attack the Romulan Communication Array.

Once there, one of your crew suggests that you cloak the ship. The icons are completely different to those seen in the main game. They resemble an audio wave and the Federation flag, instead of a picture of the crewmember speaking.

Upon reaching the target, there is a Klingon Starbase instead of the Romulan Communication Array, guarded by four Romulan ships.

If the player's ship is destroyed (not so hard considering the opposition), you get an incomplete debriefing screen.

Complete the mission and you get the above screen. Again, this is specific to this level. All in all, this seems to be an early version of the third Klingon mission.


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