Aircraft In Panzer Front Bis

Compared to the ground vehicles, the aircraft on the game are a very different matter when it comes to gameplay. You can use them in the main game, but only as a means of supporting your main ground forces. There are four selectable planes, one from each of the main forces in the game menu: JU87D (Germany); Typhoon (Britain); IL-2M (Russia); P-47 (USA).

Playing these and the other aircraft requires a Gameshark code (values are given in brackets below). Even then, you only have limited control. To even see a plane, you need to press Start to activate the map, then exit. Weapons do not seem to work, even with infinite ammo cheats. Another issue is speed: within seconds, you are off the map if you are not careful. There are Gameshark codes to adjust the speed, but these are X-Terminator codes, which may not work on emulators.

So with all that in mind, here are the seven playable aircraft:

Junkers JU 87D - notorious German divebomber. The weapon icon suggests some kind of cannon, but the weapon does not seem to work. (82)

Junkers JU 87G - anti-tank version used on the Eastern Front. (83)

Hs 129 - aircraft used to attack ground forces, including tanks. (84)

P-47 - used as a fighter-bomber to attack tabks and other ground targets. (85)

IL-2M - anti-tank plane first used at Kursk. (86)

Typhoon - a fighter-bomber used as a ground-attack craft from 1943 onwards. (87)

Super Lightning - not the American P-38, but a version of the Junkers JU 87. In contrast to the other planes, this one carried a machine gun. (88)

Until the speed issue is solved, perhaps one of the best ways is to use the different aircraft in support roles, using the code for the second tank/vehicle: 30046039 000000XX. Include anti-aircraft tanks like the Wirbelwind too.

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