Unused Levels

At the moment, there seems to be two unused level, according to the extra maps found in the game's content. These do not seem to be present in Construction, Tactics or Story mode. To access them, you need to recalculate the level value, as it seems to vary each time. I will try to develop a pointer code, although this may be more trouble than it is worth.

The first map is a variation on the one for Japan. The layout is similar, but with terrain differences.

However, it is not the Japan level that loads. It may correspond to another in the game, and the actual second Japan level data may not exist. As you can see, the tank graphics are glitched as well.

The second map is very similar to the Kursk level, but again with some differences to the terrain. The level itself seems very similar. I do wonder if this map is the one that the developers planned to use the M3 Lee/Grant in, but later abandoned it.

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