Panzer Front Bis Tanks, Guns And Vehicles

Panzer Front came out in Japan in 1999 for the Playstation and Dreamcast. Two years later, it saw a release in Europe and America. Strangely enough, even before the English translations, an expanded version was issued in Japan, called Panzer Front Bis. This added more tanks and maps, as well as a story mode. More curiously, it also included a level editor. It was due out in Europe in 2002, but the publisher went out of business before this happened.

Needless to say, there’s quite a lot of unused stuff, some of which was actually detailed on the official Enterbrain website for the game. Hackers in Japan soon found codes to select unplayable tanks and guns, not to mention aircraft. While the planes are all but unusable even on the expansive maps, the vehicles offer even more options to a game already stuffed with content and replay value. The links below detail all tanks, guns and other vehicles, especially the deleted or unplayable ones. Some do not have weapons, but this can be remedied in the case of the M3 with Gameshark codes.

Playable Vehicles
Rearming The M3 Lee/Grant Tank
Unused Levels
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