Current Developments

22/1/2013 - No further info on the training levels or the mod by Osmund Neuron. However, one thing I've looked at is the Dark Prison level, where a certain Saurian ninja seems to be lurking (and it's not Reptile). See the Hidden Kombatants page for more details.

11/3/11 - No further progress on the six training levels (believe me, I have tried!), but Osmund Neuron over at the MaxConsole forums is working on a mod which should allow a number of cool features:

1. New Battle System
2. New Game Modes
3. Play as all NPC's using Cheats especially included in the Mod
4. Another Features...


At the Character Select Screen:

Highlight Hotaru while in Arcade/Battle Modes and hold and press R Trigger while choosing him to play as Onaga

Highlight Scorpion while in Arcade/Battle Modes and hold and press R Trigger while choosing him to play as Monster.

--Battle Mode--
In this mode you will fight all of the characters in advanced difficulty mode. Similar to my Campaign Mode for Soul Calibur.
--Free Mode--
Select opponent and stage and fight to the death ....

More on this when it is done.

27/10/10 - The six konquest levels all seem to have an initial training dojo, where you first train with different warriors. Once you have completed all training (either with a specific warrior or the realm as a whole), this dojo is replaced by the generic realm arena. We are currently trying to isolate the code that may allow these six dojo to be selectable.

26/9/10 - Links to text dumps added to each of the realm arenas on the Arenas page.

21/9/10 - The search for the Dojo level codes continues. However, we have dumped the Konquest dialogue and will be posting that in the near future. But the biggest find seems to be Khameleon, who seems to be lurking in the Krypt. See the ? on the Choice Your Destiny section.

26/8/10 - No real developments in the CWCheat coding for the Earthrealm Dojo, despite discovery of the coding:

_S ULES-00353
_G Mortal Kombat Unchained [EU]
_C0 Stage always Earthrealm Dojo
_L 0x20595320 0x00000019

_S ULUS-10102
_G Mortal Kombat Unchained [US]
_C0 Stage always Earthrealm Dojo
_L 0x20592920 0x00000019

The code works, but the regular Earthrealm (day) arena comes up if you use it. There seems to be another address determining if which Earthrealm arena is used. This may be linked to whether you have completed initial training or not with Bo'Rai'Cho (and may apply to other realm dojo levels). If this is so, then there are at least another six levels to add (including this one). However, you can fight in this arena by using a brand new profile and starting Konquest. However, using the P1 as CPU does not allow you to get past the initial instruction screens. Using the Opponent Acts code does allow you to fight, and using the Stop Timer code allows for extra time. Some fighters are unable to perform the required moves to complete the tutorial, which is good because it allows you to fight the opponent. But there are no fatalities either. Codes have been added to the Codes section.

21/8/10 - Puzzle Kombat Arena uncovered. This new fighting area has been found whilst searching for the codes to uncover the level dojos.

On the face of it, this seems to be something like the Yin Yang Island, except the sunset is not on that stage.

Then this pops up. Looks like the ladder in the background of the Portal Stage. Again, it is hard to tell. The fighters are floating high above the ground.

On closer examination, you can make out the words "Puzzle Kombat".

Below the fighters, there seems to be water, suggesting an ocean.

The arena is on half a stage, with the second half just empty void. Codes are in the Codes section.