Gun Showdown (PSP) EU Multiplayer Codes

So far as can be ascertained, there are only two CWCheat codes for the European version of this game:

- Infinite Winchester Ammo
- Infinite Pistol Ammo

Useful, but a little limited. However, with a bit of research using the CWCheat tool, a few more have come to light for the multiplayer modes:

0x01319C98 0x000000xx - character select for multiplayer mode, where xx equals:

00 - Colton
01 - Ned
02 - Jenny
03 - Quick Killer
04 - Rudabaugh
05 - HooDoo
06 - Soapy
07 - Reed
08 - Many Wounds
09 - Magruder
0A - Hollister Thug 1
0B - Hollister Thug 2
0C - Port
0D - Red Hand Thug
0E - Dodge Whore
0F - Rude

Corresponding codes for the level select are as follows.

0x0040BFDC 0x000000xx - level select for multiplayer mode, where xx equals:

33 - Dodge
34 - Blackfoot
35 - Steamboat
36 - East Empire
37 - West Empire
38 - Hideout
39 - Fort
3A - Lost City

Values above this result in a Network Connection loss. However, there are some fifty-odd values below this. These are areas from the main game, albeit surrounded by a void on all sides. Some of the relevant values for the above code are as follows:

00 - Hecht Ranch
01 - Network error
02 - The Badlands
05 - Hollister's Fort
07 - Empire City
09 - Devil's Canyons
0A - Piper Lake
0D - Empire City
0E - Train track leading through tunnels to the Canyons (unable to move)
10 - Empire City (unable to move)
12 - Train track by mines
13 - Train tunnel (unable to move)
14 - Devil's Canyons
15 - Hollister's Fort
16 - Back of mine
17 - Mine tunnels
18 - Lost city
19 - Shore
1A - River and small waterfall
1B - River and mine
1C - Hot springs
1D - Steamboat
1F - Shore of lake with wrecked steamboat
20 - Empire City interior - saloon
22 - Devil Canyon
23 - Network error
24 - Dodge City - saloon
25 - Dodge City - main street
26 - Under the bridge
28 - Ferry Dock Southside
29 - Steamboat - underway on the river
2A - Canyon passage
2B - Mountain passage (unable to move)
2C - Camp in Piper Lake

There are a number of issues with these. Although they do actually work in a multiplayer game (assuming that the host PSP has the relevant code activated), there are no visible characters, either other human players or enemy bots. The game is in a strange FPS mode, which is novel. In order to move, you must press the Jump button and then use the analog stick to move. Some levels are very small, while others do not allow movement for some reason. Weapons do not always work either. Not brilliant for a Deathmatch, but someone may be able to use the codes to allow a try multiplayer match to be played in these extra arenas. The codes also could do with being coverted for the US version: not having an NTSC copy of this game, I am unable to do this.

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