Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 (PSP)

First up, this isn't usually the kind of game I play, but it was cheap in the local fleapit, so I thought I'd give it a go. After looking around a bit for cheats and whatever (and not finding a great deal), I had a peek at the game's intestines. At first glance, not a lot, but there were some level files not included in the level listings (more on this at another point). However, there was also a file called Game.txt. I've seen these in other games and knew that they usually included information, plus some options (which, if changed, never had any effect). Having a go at hacking this in Notepad, I changed the following options to "On":

DEBUG_CHEATS (Are debug cheats on/off)
DEBUG_TEXT (Display debug text/gfx//DMK)
DEBUG_FLY (Fly-through mode on/off)
LEVEL_SELECT (Level select on/off)

There are other options to play around with, but as an initial investigation, I chose the obvious ones. Saving it and integrating it back into an image of the main game, I ran it on my PSP. And, they worked! Never has a hack been so easy with a game! It is interesting that the loading screen now identifies the game as a "Pre-Certification Build", suggesting a (very late) beta version.

The Level Select option is at the top of the main menu.

In there are all the levels of the game, including multiplayer levels, which can be loaded like a single player game.

If there are a number of parts to the level, they are listed in a submenu.

Once you load a level, you now have the option of the debug menu, which is part of the pause menu.

There are a number of different options here, so have a dig to see what happens.

The AI debug options allow you to alter enemy behaviours, decisions and other aspects. I managed to get all of the enemy bots crawling around on the floor on one level.

Good old wireframe mode!

No sign of the likes of an infinite health cheat, but that may be lurking somewhere else. The Debug Fly option listed in the Game.txt file does not seem to be present, either. However, the debug menus do allow multiplayer options to be tested and changed as well, although I have yet to investigate these. The Game.txt file also has options for sound debug, a demo level select (not as extensive as the main one, it seems) and the option to start on a specific level.

As usual, more on this as I get time.

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