Future Cop L.A.P.D. (PSX) Pre-release Demo

As noted at some point on the Tech Demo blog, this standalone demo disc build has differences in all four of its missions. Only three are accessible in the game, and you have to use codes or file-swapping to access the La Brea Tar Pits level seen in the rolling demo. The Gameshark code is:

80098842 00000050

Use this and then select the Tar Pits level from the relevant Crime Wave menu (with the exception of the Rookie level, the others will crash the game).

Someone has already documented the differences in the single Crime Wave level (See the Unseen64 link below). But the Tar Pits map also has a number of elements that make it unique. The map is generally the same, but with some alterations to some areas. I havenít looked at individual enemies, though.

The retail game cheats donít seem to work on the demo, and you may get stuck trying to run the gauntlet of gates to activate the switch at the end. But thereís an easier way to make progress.

Once youíve used the reloader station (which isnít in the final build) and activated the switch, donít drop through the newly-opened hole over on the far left of this section. Note in the image above that there is also an open passage in the building next to this reloader. This is sealed in the final game.

Move your mech up on to the grill on the raised area. Youíll see a ridge runing across this mesh. Line your mech up on this and take a run and jump off just before the end. You should be able to get up on to the wall beyond. It may take a few tries to do so.

From here, you can reach all parts of the level, including the final boss. Approaching this by walking along the main wall, you can actually avoid activating the bossís attack AI in the game. Take some shots at this guy and you can easily finish the level.

Comparing the level maps, you can get a good idea of the changes between the two builds. Here's the boss area. In the top image, you can see that the demo has far fewer structures around the main pit, meaning that there's less cover from the boss's fire. On the left, there're differences in two areas as well.

Another area has a tunnel and switches. The bottom picture shows the additional raised areas in the retail game. There are changes in other areas of the earlier verison of this level, but nothing as fundamental as in the playable Crime Wave level.

Other hazards in the demo include getting stuck in some place where you shouldnít be, and canít get out again. If you use the Super Jump cheat in the final game, you also run these risks.

There is also a demo on the US OPM 14 disc. This is a curious build, as it features the Rookie level version of Griffith Park from the standalone disc, but has no La Brea Tar Pits rolling demo level. There are also the two Precinct Assault levels from the Pre-release disc, one of which is almost identical to the final build. The Proving Ground map has some cosmetic differences to retail, but nothing dramatic.

The menu for this mode has an interesting feature. On the Level Select, there is the number 10 rather than 1 on each of the four maps, indicating level 10 being completed on all maps. However, another menu says you can only play up to level 4 in the demo.

So, for a demo, the pre-release build is an interesting prototype.

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