Dragon Sword 64 (Unreleased Game)

According to the Read Me file included with this game, Dragon Sword 64 was created by Team Storm at Interactive Studios / Blitzgames. The game was cancelled during development and it is unknown as whether it was ever ever finished. Apparently, playing through the game, gamers have only been able to get to the end of Level 7 before the game crashes. Yet, in the game's coding, two more levels are mentioned, albeit without any storyline. Setting out to locate these extra levels was my primary motivation for having a look at this game a little more closely.

Using Renegade and Project64 1.6, I started looking for addresses. The most obvious way of checking was to search for values each time a section was loaded. This returned two values, but they had no effect on the levels loaded. Taking a different approach, I looked at complete levels and found the following Gameshark code (after checking some fifty or so addresses): 801249B3 000X. X denotes the different level value. Here at the levels we found, along with the story blurb from the Read Me file. The hex values are in brackets.

Level One (00): Incarceration - Incarcerated but mind focused on the quest - escape is imperative; time is all. The only hope , the Dragon Sword lies with the one his captors call the Guv`nor.

Level Two (01): The Dead Shall Rise - Now the Dragon Sword is held by its chosen owner, the quests path must be found. The journey so far has been easy; seemingly guided by the very things that block the way. The only clear way is the Darrc-way.

Level Three (02): Crush Your Enemies - At last, a chance to stray from the Darrc-path; if only a boat could be acquired. A nagging thought remains the Darrc Lords must have a great interest in the Dragon Sword and its wielder. To raise the dead is no cheap trick.

Level Four (03): Infestation - Port-Town: Normally a busy and bustling port. but now an erie and ominous silence hangs over the place. The Darrc hoards seemed to be gathering forces at the Barracks using the Harbour to accelerate their conquests of the neighboring lands.

Level Five (04): The Law of Disorder - It is now clear that the Darrc forces have spread their influence further than could be foretold. With Avantaria turned to Darcc, the very fabric of reality is changing. Ahead a mansion looms. Perhaps within lies the quests goal.

Level Six (05): The Abyss - With Draccar defeated something strange has happened to the world. Reality has been changed, some new evil is upon the land but you must fight on.

Level Seven (06): Darrc Pilgrimage - You sense that your quest is nearing the end, but what will the end mean for you. Soon you will find out who has been responsible for desecrating your lands.

Level Eight (07): Ultimate Sacrifice - Level story text will appear here in future.

Level Nine (08): The Dragon Sword - Level story text will appear here in future.

As can be seen with this hack, everything up to Level Eight is available, although Level Six loads just one area with one enemy, with no apparent way out. This is probably an anomaly of the hack, as players have reported reaching the end of Level Seven. However, this particular area may provide a clue to the last level, which seems to take place in a similar arena on the map. Both are marked with large stars (albeit different in terms of number of sides). The game's coding mentions a character by the name of Dragon, which could be the final boss.

Looking beyond these values, there are some other areas available, albeit not always playable. Using the game's coding again (courtesy of the Read Me file), we can put a name to the Versus Mode arenas:

Arena One (09): Lava Tomb.

Arena Two (0A): Darrc Coliseum.

Arena Three (0B): Chamber Of Shadows.

Arena Four (0C):The Void Icon.

Arena Five(0D): Test Area.

The last area has no solid floor and the character falls straight through. However, using the Levitation Code (Gameshark values: D0121CE8 0001, 81146674 4120, D0121CE8 0001, 81146676 0000), we can at least get an idea of what was in this area, which is ... not a lot really.

Any value above 0D crashes the game. So the game is a little more complete than intially thought, but the final level/boss seems to be missing.

Contrary to the Read Me file, the first four bosses are present:

Level 1: Soulfor.

Level 2: Tatoo.

Level 5: Dracar.

Level 7: Toshiro.

It seems that the final boss, Dragon, was to be on Level Nine or Ten, and is missing. Whether the model and textures are still there is not known at present.

The Level Section Select code has been found. Gameshark code 801249B7 000X, where X is usually a value from 0 to 3, but this may depend upon the level. As you cannot progress beyond the first part of Level 8 if you use just the Level Select code, use this code to see the other parts of the level, as seen in the image above.


INGAME LEVEL SELECT: Inspired by the debug camera code, Iíve found an in-game Level Select option, which brings up all available levels, including the multiplayer arenas and the debug level (albeit still unplayable). When the level map comes up after selecting a character, press the L and R triggers (the map will disappear), then use the analogue stick to press up or down to select different levels. Using left and right on the analogue stick after selecting the level seems to allow you to select different parts of the level, although this seems buggy. Press A to return to the map, which should show you where on the map you have warped to (the flag does not always appear, though).

WIREFRAME MODE: This seems to be activated by pressing Left on the D-pad of controller 4, but it's extremely glitchy. Once activated, you can't seem to turn it off. Pressing it again brings up a wireframe map of the level, and then a third press makes the boundary lines go blue. This suggests that there are more debug options to be found on different controllers.

As usual, this is Copyright Edward Kirk (2011). All possible sources of info have been referenced, but no intent is made to supercede the copyright of, well, anyone at all, really.


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