Driver 2 Demo (SLUS 90093)

The Driver 2 demo was released in both the US and Europe, although the former, like the original Driver demo, had a specific disc (SLUS 90093 ... sometimes also (mistakenly?) noted as SLUS 90094). This demo had the Havana level, with one mission where the player had to catch and ram another car. But why bother with this? Well, the overall quality of the demo's framerate is far better than the final game. Plus the level, unfinished as it is, is a glimpse into the development of a beta version.

Gameshark codes came to light early on, so that the whole level could be played, without having to be restricted to one mission. You started off on the main mission, but were able to drive off and roam around Havana as you wished. These early codes did not include any police cars, though.

These codes have since been refined by Hacc over at the GSHI forums (see below), where the Take a Ride mode starts in a different part of the city. Gamersin also found a way of allowing free-roaming without the use of a cheat device, by altering the name of (or deleting) the MISSIONS.BLK file and saving the game as a new image. Just make an image of the disc (try Ebay for copies) and use a utility like UltraISO to change the name of MISSIONS.BLK to something like MISSIONSA.BLK, then save the game under a different filename. Convert this using POPStation or similar program to an Eboot. Note: this does remove the option to play the original mission.

Cut and paste the following codes into the cheatpops.db (assuming you have custom firmware and CWCheat installed).

_S SLUS_90093
_G Driver 2 Demo US
_C0 Enable free roam
_L 30094494 0035
_C0 Drive Through Walls
_L 3009447F 0001
_C0 Invincibility Cheat
_L 300944E0 0001
_C0 Change Car Modifier 1
_L 300944C8 0000
_C0 Change Car Modifier 2
_L 300944C8 0001
_C0 Change Car Modifier 3
_L 300944C8 0002
_C0 Change Car Modifier 4
_L 300944C8 0003
_C0 Change Car Modifier 5
_L 300944C8 0004
_C0 Time of Day Dawn
_L 30094BFC 0000
_C0 Time of Day Day
_L 30094BFC 0001
_C0 Time of Day Dusk
_L 30094BFC 0002
_C0 Time of Day Night
_L 30094BFC 0003
_C0 Rain Off
_L 30094C00 0000
_C0 Rain On
_L 30094C00 0001
_C0 Back On Wheels Cheat
_L 3009447E 0001
_C0 Exit car (up + triangle)
_L 30012972 1000
_L 300D25E4 FFFF
_L 300D25E6 FFFF
_L 300D25FC 0000
_L 300D25FE 0000
_C0 Display Position
_L 30094A68 0001
_C0 Car Color 1
_L 30096AF8 0000
_C0 Car Color 2
_L 30096AF8 0001
_C0 Car Color 3
_L 30096AF8 0002
_C0 Car Color 4
_L 30096AF8 0003
_C0 Car Color 5
_L 30096AF8 0004
_C0 Car Color 6
_L 30096AF8 0005

The effects are as follows:

Car Modifier 1

Car Modifier 2

Car Modifier 3

Car Modifier 4 - Police Car

Car Modifier 5 - Truck

Car Color 1

Car Color 2

Car Color 3

Car Color 4

Car Color 5

Car Color 6

These codes do not work on the police car ...

Or the truck.

With the Take a Ride mode, the police are back in action ... well, to a certain extent. They will ram you if you get too close to them but, otherwise, they tend to drive into walls or create scenes of utter destruction along the roadside. The AI is not fully implemented in the demo, it seems.

The main attraction of this mode is the ability to get out of the car (using the Exit Car code), just like in the final game. No longer are you restricted to just one vehicle. You can wander around the city on foot and steal other cars, including the police cars. Don't try to steal these when they are pursuing you, though, or the demo will end.

Other aspects of the final game are there, but the secret car seems to be absent. Like certain areas of the game, the tunnels out on the extreme west of the city are prone to freezing up the game, with no way of activating the lift to bring up the secret car.

Navigating The Maze

There are two secrets in this section: the secret car room; the secret room below that that leads out to the main highway tunnel. To get to the bottom of the underground car park, you need to employ some tricks and drive very carefully.

Head down the slope and take the first tunnel on the left.

Continue on until you come to a large room.

Go to the top left-hand corner and down that passage.

Youíll eventually arrive at a tunnel with three exits on the right. Go down to the third one at the end.

Just before you go into the next room, you need to switch to rear-mirror mode by pressing L2 and R2. Keep these buttons pressed down.

To get to the secret car room, keep in reverse-view mode and stick to the right-hand wall (as you are looking at the car). (Note: the second entrance to the secret room is in that corner behind the car in the image above) There are three dangers here: damage to your vehicle from the wall; clipping through the wall and ending up on the surface (with more damage); falling down the pit on the left-hand side. If you stick very close to the wall, you should be able to get past the pit. As you approach the far wall, the camera will stop moving and the car will get close to the camera.

Switch to normal view now.

Sticking to the wall in front of you, move to the right and take the first tunnel down to the entrance to the secret car room.

Before going in, go back to using the rear-mirror view. Donít get near the turntable, as youíll end up on the surface again.

The small door to the secret room is in the middle of the opposite wall to where you came in. The car can fit through here, but it tends to get wrecked. You may be better off using the Exit Car cheat and making your way across on foot across the secret car room (using the reverse-view mode).

The other entrance to the secret room is in the large room, just near the third turn-off in the tunnel. If you are on foot, you can move along the immediate left-hand wall to a small passage that leads to the secret room. But make sure the camera does not face out into the main room as it will freeze the game.

As you are about to turn down the small tunnel, switch back to normal view.

Keep going until you get to a door and and a drop similar to that in the secret car room. Jump down and you're there.

The above image shows the entrance from the secret car room. Stick to the right-hand wall as you move up towards the exit. Once you reach this tunnel, you should be safe from any game freeze, unless you look back into the room again.

Go up the ramp and through the passages until you reach the road.

Once through here, you canít get back in. You can wreck your car by trying to do so, though.