Driver 1 Demo (SLUS 90053)

The Driver 1 demo was released in both the US and Europe, although the former had a specific disc (SLUS 90053). Issue 44 of the UK Official Playstation Magazine had a beta version of the Miami level, with only half of the map detailed and many textures missing. By contrast, the demo had the complete Miami level, but with only one mission, where the player had to lose a pursuing police car within a certain time limit. Of course, Gameshark codes came to light so that the whole level could be played, without having to be restricted to one mission. These have since been refined by Hacc over at the GSHI forums.

Cut and paste the following codes into the cheatpops.db (assuming you have custom firmware and CWCheat installed).

_S SLUS_90053
_G Driver Demo US
_C0 Enable Take a Ride
_L 3008B8D0 0045
_C0 Change Car Modifier 1
_L 3008B904 0000
_C0 Change Car Modifier 2
_L 3008B904 0001
_C0 Change Car Modifier 3
_L 3008B904 0002
_C0 Change Car Modifier 4
_L 3008B904 0003
_C0 Change Car Modifier Wheels Only!
_L 3008B904 0004
_C0 Time - Day
_L 3008B920 0000
_C0 Time - Night
_L 3008B920 0001
_C0 Rain On
_L 3008BB00 0080
_L 8008C378 1B58
_C0 Snow On
_L 3008BB01 0080
_L 8008C378 1B58

The effects are as follows:

Car Modifier 1

Car Modifier 2

Car Modifier 3

Car Modifier 4

Car Modifier 5 - just wheels!

Night Time



Blizzard! - activate both snow and rain codes

Strangely enough, with the Take A Ride code, another option becomes available ...

Use the View Chases option in the main menu to view your last car chase. There are no camera options, and pressing any buttons will end the demo.
But it will store the last Take A Ride mission, assuming that you don't go on for too long and the "Out of Tape" message comes up. Alas, no way of saving these, though.

Depending on which camera angle you select at the start of the Take A Ride, this then shows up as the default camera in the rolling demo, IF you do not change the angle during the game. First and third person modes work fine, but what about the other two, where the car shoots off into the distance, while the camera remains stationary? If you run a regular mission and just wreck your car, it goes into 3rd person as default. But ...

If you drive into the sea at any point, the car sinks and the game ends. The effects on the rolling demo are strange. You end up with an aerial camera, similar to that which circles the car after it has drowned itself. Slightly mad.

Any codes you activate for the Take a Ride mode have relevant effects on the rolling demo (car, weather, time of day, etc). This has interesting impacts, as the car does not always perform as well as the default car, the car AI for the demo seems to take on the personality of the police cars in the Driver 2 demo, and some very strange camera angles seem to pop up.