Dino Crisis 2 Demo (PSX) Beta Material

The Dino Crisis 2 demo disc (SLPM-80573) surfaced a while ago, and on the face of it, seemed to be limited to a shorter version of the first level, ending after Regina defeats the Allosaur. However, Gameshark codes also surfaced, enabling the Extra Crisis arena to be made available.

This altered the menu as well, allowing a number of other options to become available, including the ability to load game saves. More on that later, though.

The Extra Crisis menu has two options, the Dino Colosseum seen in the final game, and a new mini-game called Aquatic Battle. The first option only loads Dylan, armed with a shotgun or flamethrower, and a load of Oviraptors. Once he defeats them, you cannot progress any further. This is the only Colosseum level, as checked with the Level Select code (see below). The Aquatic Battle does not load anything other than the Colosseum level, but the game may have been either Regina in the diving suit, or the boat mini-game.

You can't select anyone other than Dylan in the Extra Crisis, but others were obviously planned for both mini-games.

The game seems to load Dylan for most of the levels. By adjusting the Game Ending code (800A7FBC 0504), you load other levels. Not all load, mostly leaving out the one thing needed to play, namely a character. The basic code is 800A7FBC 0X0Y, where X is the level select, and Y is the sub-level select. Use values above the Game Ending code, as there are loads there. As Dylan is the default character, you do get some rather strange hybrids of characters in the cutscenes. The one where Regina has Dylan's face and TART across her chest has to be seen to be believed!

And Dylan wandering around the underwater levels is fun, although he can't jump and, thus, cannot progress. But all weapons work, including the flamethrower.

Most of the mini-games are presented throughout the main game, even if some of the cutscenes are absent. The triceratop mini-game is there, but the targeting display is absent and the background textures are incomplete.

From the Vital Credit Service station menu, you can save your game, or buy upgrades or weapons. The extras such as the armour are in the game too, but their menu is unfinished. Most of the weapons are present, but the Chain Mine, curcial for combating Inostrancevia, is not there. If you do use the Level Select code, turn it off as soon as the level loads, or you will get stuck when you go through a door. As for unused backgrounds, there may be some, as the files are different in terms of size from the final game.

Once the main demo ends (or you die), you get a "Coming Soon" blurb. Die in the main game (using the Level Select code) and you get a chance to have another go. This may be because you get Resuscitation packs as default in any loaded level.

After the last ingame video ends, the credits come up. Or rather a dummy version of these, suggesting that this was a beta built of the game. The game files are dated at least a month or two before those of the final release.

Then the last video loads, which is very short and very unclear as to what it exactly is.

Once I get a good look at the backgrounds in the main game, I'll see if there are any beta backgrounds in the demo.


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