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There are three Flash games that feature one of the Doctor’s most resilient enemies, the Cybermen. These malevolent cyborgs have been around since the 1960s, and have often changed with each subsequent appearance on the show. In 2006, they underwent a fundamental redesign. Much later, their initial Mondasian design was revived in World Enough and Time and The Doctor Falls, episodes that made the Cybermen both sinister and terrifying once again.

Back to the 2006 games. We have three to look at: Daleks Versus Cybermen, Cyber Assault and Save Paris. All three deal with the Cybus versions of the Cybermen, and the events take place on a parallel Earth. In fact, the games do not follow the show’s timeline. Cyber Assault and Save Paris are certainly set on the parallel Earth during the initial war between the Preachers and Cybus forces. Daleks Versus Cybermen seems to be an alternate version of the episodes, Army Of Ghosts and Doomsday. The Daleks are in the same areas as humans, such as the Preachers and Torchwood soldiers. In reality, the Daleks would not tolerate such an alliance. So are Dalek Sec and his fellow dustbins in a different timeline on the parallel Earth?

Daleks Versus Cybermen

This game enables you to control four squads of the Cybus version of the Cybermen. It’s basically an action strategy game, with four missions in total. However, the Daleks are not the all-conquering force seen in the TV show. You can take on the Cult Of Skaro and beat them.

Digging around the game's coding, the various stats for the characters are as follows:


Cyberman = 105
Dalek = 1400
Black Dalek = 5500
Torchwood = 60
Preacher = 70
Turret = 45


Cyberman = 20
Dalek = 32
Black Dalek = 45
Torchwood = 10
Preacher = 17
Turret = 12

Weapon Range

Cyberman = 200
Dalek = 200
Black Dalek = 200
Torchwood = 120
Preacher = 150
Turret = 290

The Dalek Sec is obviously the final level boss. Other hazards include mines, gun turrets, manholes (after The Invasion, you wouldn’t have thought these would have been a problem for Cybermen) and electrical discharges. Your squads have some power-ups, including energy cells and a Heavy Gun needed to kill the Black Dalek. The gun does 1200 points of damage.

Gameplay involves moving your squad through the four levels to combat human and Dalek enemies. You can select an individual Cyberman or an entire squad. You can also direct them to attack specific foes, although they seem to defend themselves if fired upon.

If you unzip the game’s file, you can get a glimpse at the above variables, which may then allow you to alter the dynamics of the game. There are Hero and Enemy labels used in the coding. Could this mean you can turn the humans against the Daleks? Or have a Dalek/Cybermen alliance? And can you play as the Daleks or humans?

One mod involves changing the ENEMYTEMPLATE value in the unzipped file. This allows any of the enemies to be swapped around within the game. As you can see above, a Dalek now greets the Cybus troops in the Tube station instead of a human. The weapons, health and damage values are all changed to that of the new character as well. The values are:

1 - Dalek
2 - Torchwood Soldier
3 - Preacher
4 - Black Dalek
5 - Gun Turret

You can also swap HEROTEMPLATE with one ENEMYTEMPLATE entry, but you cannot select or move your forces.

Thanks to research by N64Assassin, mods can be done using Flasm, a command-line program. You can alter the Action file within the SWF archive. This allows certain mods:

- Enabling all Cybermen to be armed with the advanced gun from the start, like they were in Doomsday.

- Change the damage, health and range values for all five factions in the game.

- Change the placements of different enemies.

This program permanently changes the game, so ensure you have a backup in case things don't work out right. Other mods may be possible using this method.

Cyber Assault

The second in the Doctor Who Flash games featuring the Cybermen, this time from The Age Of Steel. Like Daleks Versus Cybermen, this is an action strategy game but with more emphasis on the latter.

Many have compared it to Risk. You start off by picking a human commander, then the game moves to a world map showing human and Cyberman forces. You can get new recruits, move your forces to different areas, and attack enemy positions. There’s a short battle where you can outflank, defend or attack the Cybermen at that location. Each action is superior, equal or inferior to the action taken by the enemy.

In the initial game, you get to attack Cyberman bases. The game switches to a third-person-shooter, very much like Daleks Versus Cybermen. The objective is to destroy any enemies, then locate and destroy their transmitter.

When you have captured all areas on the global map and taken out the Cyberman bases, you win the game. This opens up another mode, where you play as the Cybermen.

But there is a shortcut to activating the Cybermen. Start a game using a standalone Flash player, then do a search for a file called CyberAssault.sol on your computer. Open this up in a hex editor. Change the text FALSE to TRUE, fill in the additional space with 00, then save. This enables you to play as the enemy right from the start. Not sure how permanent the file is, but it’s easily amended next time you play the game. You may be able to change this using Flasm, but again, the changes would be permanent.

Playing as the Cybermen is slightly different. They can take more damage than humans, and can punch through walls in places. Against this, they have no ranged weapons.

Another mod involves swapping the level files around. Here, you can see that the first stage of the human campaign is set in the initial Cyberman mission.

To play Cyber Assault, some additional files are needed from the Internet Archive (See link below). You need to do a search for "cyber" once this page loads. Put the main game .SWF in the root directory of your game folder. Three of the other files (BGM*.SWF) are placed in the MUSIC directory. In the MAPS folder go twelve .XML level files, six for the human missions and six for the Cybermen. Two further .XML files (STRINGS and VERSION) go in the root directory. The original .HTML file has a lot of stuff specific to the Internet Archive and needs editing, but this isn’t really needed if you use a standalone Flash game player. The game may also be modded if you can figure out the format of the level files.

Save Paris

This is the third Flash game featuring the villains from Rise Of The Cybermen and The Age Of Steel. You control a Preacher airship, with the aim of rescuing civilians and scientists, and killing Cybermen.

There are three levels, with a final mission objective of destroying a Cyberman transmitter using either an EMP or the regular gun on the airship.

This game was part of a convoluted piece of viral marketing for Doctor Who, where you had to find codes and what-not across multiple websites to get to the game. In the end, Save Paris was released as a standalone Flash game on the BBC website not long after the episodes aired.

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