Chaos Kingdom (PC)

This prototype by Human Soft was originally released on their website way back in 1998. Using the Magic 4s engine, the idea was to produce an RPG’adventure game that differed from existing games. The available build was about 80% done and last updated in 1998: “This is not a demo of a game, but a demo of the current state of development.” There was an earlier demo, but this only had art resources for the game.

Chaos Kingdom has five levels, each with NPC characters and enemies:





Gangst~2 (gangsters?)

The last two of these are prone to crashing the game when loaded, but the others seem okay. The good news is that you can create your own maps with the game editor, or edit the existing ones. The bad news is that these may also crash.

Of the characters and NPCs, there are 27 different individuals and animals. Some NPCs seem to be naturally hostile, so it is unknown if you can play as one of these, e.g. a Stone Golem.

As you would expect from an RPG, the character can be customised and kitted out with various equipment and weapons. The basic animated figures seem to be limited to the 27, although you might be able to change the clothing colour.

An array of different spells is also available. These and the weapons can be used on enemies and NPCs. Other characters will fight back, though. Some of the more aggressive opponents will attack all members of your group.

The editor is pretty easy to use, allowing you to edit existing characters and maps, or create your own. You can place characters, enemies and NPCs around the map. Buildings and terrains can also be edited. Although there only seems to be one level on each map, you can put in stairs that characters can climb. They vanish from the screen, so this may be something to investigate.

There is another .exe in the archive. This one loads a world map, but while you can move your band around, there does not seem to be any way of connecting these to the local levels.


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