Battlestar Galactica

There have been at least four games based on the reimagined BSG series from the 2000s. One of these was published by Sierra Online and, despite this name, was not a primarily online game. It had LAN and internet multiplayer options, but the single player mode did not need this. It covered some of the events of the TV show, with most of the ships based on those seen in the series.

There is a single drone fighter ship that is unplayable, but you can render this as a selectable craft by either swapping the models or changing the file and adding a file for the new class of ship. Using the existing one for the drone ships will not work, so you need to create a new ship ID number in both files.

You can add a description with the details of the new ship in the menu.

There seems to be a glitch where a blank entry comes up on the menu at random, but just press left or right until you get to the drone. The blank menu does not load a ship and you can't move in the game (although enemy ships can still kill you).

There are some unplayable arenas, but these are employed for cutscenes by the looks of things. You can access these by swapping level files. The first is a very small level, with the Galactica hovering below.

The second one loads a field full of debris. The objects on the level do not match up with the level map.

Number 3 is just an empty stretch of space with some small asteroids and rocks.

A curious one that resembles one of the levels, but the level layout does not equate with the fighter's map. You can fly outside of the boundaries identified on this map (but not the level itself).

This one is a slightly different space level to the third one.

So there is some unplayable content that can be accessed via mods. The capital and fleet ships are available as well, but you need to change the camera configuration to play as one of these as you start off looking at the inside of the actual ship model. The larger ships move like fighters as well, so you'd have to alter the movement values. Then there's the limited array of weapons, plus the presence of the same/other capitals ships in the background. Not an impossible task, but you may be better off with Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock.

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